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OC In progress
An OC from the same universe as Xander.

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Name: ???
Gender: male
Species: human
Age: lower 20s
Hair: short, messy hair, dirty brown
Eyes: narrow, distrusting, any dingy color is fine
Skin: tan and slightly dirty from living outdoors
Body Build: Fairly muscular but not overly so
Personality: He does not speak much, but is a loyal friend once he warms up to you (thought it takes a while). He does not show much emotion besides the normal distrustful/uninterested stare.
Clothing: He wears more natural clothing (animal hides, furs, etc.) but also has a battered set of armor that had been passed down in his family. He also has a worn sword and shield. He doesn't wear his armor and carry his sword and shield all the time, only when necessary.
Background: He is from a world where the magical beings have overthrown the human's tyrannical rule and have pushed the humans out of the cities into the forests and other generally uninhabited areas. Humans are persecuted and sometimes executed when they are found inside a city. Our 'hero' is rescued from a public display of humiliation and acts as the 'tank'/meatshield for the party that he joins from certain circumstances.
Special Notes: He is meant to look a little mangy/untamed in his physical looks, but his face should look more calm, almost sad and distrusting.

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