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Flare's All Purpose Journal, raps, stories, songs, etc.
Anything i have here has been written by me, i may have gotten ideas off of others but the writing is all me
My name
Flare. A Flare is a brief sudden burst of flame or light. So if your lost in your own world of darkness, just remember those who are willing to help you out of it. I guess fire would be destructive if you gave a match to an eight year old kid. Or if you gave a pyromaniac a rocket launcher, he might just cause havoc in the streets. But fire creates warmth. In the darkest hours of survival at the woods, you create fire to stay alive. You use it to cook and keep warm, see fire isn't that bad. I guess the lesson is when fire is in the wrong hands, it might just be a problem. That being said theres always idiots out there in the world.

As if the "Caution HOT" sign didn't say enough theres still an idiot out there to play with fire. Playing with fire is like poking a sleeping bear with a tooth pick, your not going to get out alive. And it's funny to watch people try to fix the situation. The thing about fire is it spreads out takes in whatever you throw at it.

Something stupid like a person tossing a candle in the air and then suddenly the candle falls and sizzles as it burns your favorite rug. A smart choice is to step on the small flame to stop it from spreading but no you don't use that tactic. The person would panic and run around in circles trying to cope with the burning rug. The idiot gets a revelation that the power of wind can stop a fire. At this point the fire crackles in an attempt to laugh at your idea. Wind only feeds the fire, but you find that out the hard way.

You use your improvised note book fan and try to wave it in the air to create a powerful wind current that can extinguish a fire. thirty seconds into it and the fire starts rising to the ceiling and your whole living room illuminated in the flames. The lesson here is fire is not to be messed with.

Those who have the mentality that they can tame fire are sadly mislead. Theres more chances of putting out a fire with a hose that shoots gasoline.

The funny part about fire is it burns everything. So imagine your house started bursting into flames, and you pretty much got the message that you were going to die. So maybe you said "Hey let me write my will!" So you go get a pen and write a whole paragraph on paper. Before you know it the fire burns your flesh alive, and then it says "Oh so you thought this will was going to survive?".

Humans may the top of the food chain, but I think fire knows how to take care of animals. One single touch gives you a burn mark. This mark is like a universal translation of "I just attempted something stupid with fire, and got dealt with". Fire is like the bully of the animal kingdom. You know when the animals see a small fire start they're like "Damn Johnny we gotta go migrate." Because animals understand a fire has a short attention span. One moment it's a small harmless flame, next moment it decides to become a forest fire that destroys anything in it's path.

Fires so dangerous is gets more powerful if you feed it it's own weakness. Sometimes a little bit of water just pisses the fire into turbo destruction mode. And how does that look on you? If you had to be reported found dead after attempting to put out a fire with water. The fire department will just scratch their heads like "well thats what we would've done..."

Bottom line, Don't mess with fire. You got better chances surviving a swim in the BP oil spill with your friend throwing a grenade on the oil.

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