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Flare's All Purpose Journal, raps, stories, songs, etc.
Anything i have here has been written by me, i may have gotten ideas off of others but the writing is all me
RP submission Form
1) I'm supposed to say a joke so let's try and make this quick.
An apple and a grape are climbing a mountain. Apple is freaking out saying "omg we're gunna fall!" and Grape slaps Apple saying "pull yourself together, we can do this!! We just gotta Grapple!" (Grape? Apple...Grapple? ba dum tsss)

Ok maybe that one wasn't convincing, last one and then on to the next question...

It was me and my girlfriends one year anniversary, so I bought her a snapback from Obey. She just frowned at it.

I asked her, "what's wrong?"

She said "It's a fake Obey hat"

"What? No it's not"

"it says Obey-B" she pointed out

I replied "Cuz Babe, it's made from love razz " she didn't like that, so now it's "Oh-Ex-Bey"

2) My preferred genres are action, adventure, rpg, dramatic, fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, and maybe a lot more genres. But my all time favorite is comedy/parody biggrin .

3) I haven't been written much recently, but I want to get back to it. (I'm not an expert but I consider it a hobby thing.) Therefore I shall now introduce you to the world of Autumn.

It was a very pleasant night. The lights of the city flashed within the darkness of the stars. The midnight breeze flew through every once in awhile. However, for the most part it was a very pleasant quiet night.

A hooded silver haired figure walks through the dark streets of Gaia. His name is Flare Kazamata. A few quick facts about him... He's still in college...he loves pizza, and above all he hates cats...

The frigid breeze from the city forced Flare to keep his hands buried into the pockets of his jacket. He despised the cold, and it wasn't even officially the end of summer yet.

Flare had kept watch on the silhouetted figure up ahead, yet he knew her all too well. Her red crimson hair and Casual pink slim fit jacket.

She held a pizza in one hand and in the other she held the leash which held her cat named, "Blizzard".

It was no doubt this woman was Flare's target, Debrah Ferlay, codenamed 'Autumn'. Flare continued walkin

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