It is FINALLY the weekend again!!! This means I get to wake up at a stupid early hour on Saturday and Sunday to watch my current favorite (what I'm watching at the time is my current favorite) K-drama (Korean live action drama!) I only get weekend morning to watch my K-drama's, that's not nearly often enough sad
I just started watching "You're Beautiful" (no spoilers! Please!).
I LOVE my weekend drama's, I adore k-drama, so far I haven't seen one I didn't like.
Should I tell you how I found K-drama? Oh, why not!
I was on social media (no, not gonna tell ya where ninja ) when I came across a picture that was just TOO cute! Well I had to know what show it came from and what I came across was not THE drama but it did have the same guy in it (this I would not know until much later). I started watching without even knowing that it would be in a different language! Well, was I surprised! But something about it caught my attention more than five minutes in.
The drama was "Paradise Ranch" with Max Changmin (from the k-pop group TVXQ), and I was hooked.
It's not all sunshine and back-hugs from there though, it took a long time to find my nitch, when do I watch? What do I watch? Where do I watch?! Well all those things got figured out in the end, thank heavens!
I started watching another drama well still not finished with "Paradise Ranch", I was crazy for Jung Young Hwa in "Heartstrings" opposite Park Shin Hye.
And even still I started watching a J-drama (Japanese live action Drama) it was "Last Cinderella"
But things got rocky after finishing both "Heartstrings" and "Last Cinderella", I got distracted, I didn't finish "Paradise Ranch" for forever! However in the end I did finish it!! (And was I ever happy!)
In the end it was Max who got me into K-drama if I had never seen the picture of him from what I later learned was "Banjun Theater - Unforgettable Love" I never would have looked for it and in the process found "Paradise Ranch" which I then never would have found "Heartstrings" and everything after!!!
Thanks Max Changmin! Please come back from Military service healthy, well and ready to make new music and Drama's!

That's how I got into K-drama. Kind of a crazy/ interesting story, kind of a twisting road for me but a good one! I don't plan of giving up my k-drama's anytime soon!! Even if some people do think I've lost my mind!

Keep on keeping on, and when in doubt think of that great word of encouragement from so many K-drama's
Fighting! wink