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Journal of a star/ My Imaginary Adventures.
To write whatever I like poems, short story's, and maybe even bits and pieces of my own life. I'm a dreamer so you never know what will show up in my journal! A new chapter begins! (and yes the old one is still here) Get ready for some CRAZINESS!
K-pop: Love
My entree into the world of K-pop is kind of a mystery to me now. One day I was lightening to all the same American pop artists and the next I was listening to “Billion Dolla” by Cross Gene about five times in a row, and that's kinda how I started listening to K-pop, for the most part anyway.

At first it wasn't like all the time, I heard k-pop through my drama's, naturally.
But nothing like watching a music video. Those things are crazy! (In the very best way) Nothing really came of it though till I discovered “EXO next door” the drama, so I started listening to EXO, I wasn't obsessed or anything just listening casual like.
But then I watched “Dream Knight” and I discovered GOT7, that's when I went head over heels and dived right into k-pop!

It wasn't intentional, I didn't mean for it to become such a big part of my life, I knew it could happen yes, I'd heard about all the people who where crazy for it, naturally with my casual perusing of Youtube and my comment reading, but I'd already told myself 'don't go there, not K-pop, yes to drama's no to k-pop' that was way back in the very beginning though.

That was before GOT7 came into my life, and I learned about these seven amazing guys who have talent, looks, humor, and so much more! All the things that make them so wonderful, these guys bring so much happiness into my life!! heart
That was last August/September and I can tell you the honest truth that I could not be happier to have these amazing boys in my life!

And then there's also ASTRO, DAY6, B1A4, CNBlue of course TVXQ and oh so many more!
Girl groups I like but I'm not crazy about any of them like I am the boys. I know that sounds so typical.
(We'll go there in a later post.)

It's hard to explain what it's like to have your music taken over by K-pop, first it's just one album (Jung Young Hwa's “One Fine Day”) and then you have a bunch and k-pop is all you listen to!

It's slowing down, I go crazy every time there's a comeback (and it is the season for comebacks!!!) but I'm starting to listen to some of my old music again too.
At this point I'm gone, there is no going back for me, my life is better because of K-pop though, I believe that completely.

It's kind of like going down the rabbit hole, that's the best way to explain it, once you've gone coming back is very hard, maybe even impossible. But the good news is you don't have to, not really, you can have k-pop in your life very easily. It's music, so, VERY easily.

This feels like such a jumble of a post, but I guess that's how I found myself in the world of K-pop. All is well that ends well, hopefully you understand where I'm coming from and where I'm going!

Keep listening to your favorite k-pop artists (even if some people don't understand), if you love it, that's what matters!!
Fighting! emotion_yatta

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