So... Today's Friday, yet again but you'd think I'd be happy about it like I usually am since I'm a fan of the weekend like most people technically are. crying NOT THIS TIME!!!! :whambulace: emo sad Unfortunately, early this morning, approximately at 4-5:00 am today I discovered that my ex boyfriend Blake passed away of a heart attack suddenly two days ago. Oddly enough, my husband also knew him because they were good friends.... Talk about awkward!!! redface crying But Blake was a good person, even though he just disappeared on me, I now finally know why and can have closure with it, either way NOBODY deserves to die that young or from a heart condition. crying emo Like, I can't imagine how Blake's family feels right now, and they can't even pay for the funeral because it was just THAT unexpected... emo sad I can't even process this, honestly. I'm so sad to hear about this. crying He was a sweet guy and he was one of the few people who were actually, genuinely kind and I DON'T say that about a lot of people... sweatdrop heart And the weird thing is, I've never been mad he ghosted me EVER. Even though I was like 15 or 16, I understood why or kinda had a feeling as to why. crying But the fact that he died so young is still devastating to all who knew him, truly.... crying cry I sincerely hope Blake rests in peace and is in a better place, I know he was sick but I don't with what exactly but I guess now I know it was some kind of heart condition.... cry If I had money, I truly would donate some to help his family pay for his funeral... Poor Blake... crying cry Today is a rough day and I will definitely be sad for awhile, unfortunately... emo cry crying We will ALL miss Blake. Gone too soon and never will be forgotten, 2020 is a truly rough year for all. Too many deaths and too much negativity, I truly hope 2021 is much more positive and upbeat. sad