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The moon is purple and the sky is dark. And fog hangs over everything, in a cool and fearsome haze as nature heals from the effect of human greed. Animals are given birth, and new animals are created by my hands. A large ocean in the sky had been mag
Today is Halloween, and I'm celebrating on Gaia because I am lonely and no one wants to celebrate with me.

I am really weak today from spiritual attacks, and just put a bible by my doorway to see if that would weaken the portal to hell. I am dressed as a Sugar Skull. And don't think anyone is coming from Hell or Heaven to help.

Cinnamon donuts, coffee, and turkey and gravy over toast today. And my attacker is slowly dying under my house, but bringing flies into it. There were 40 on the ceiling. It is a horrifying thing to defeat the antichrist. And they are struggling to live, the more they struggle the more they attack me.

If we wouldn't of killed it, then it would never stop and kill everything and everybody. And eventually not even stars would shine. They would all die.

Because you see I am the key to the universe. Since it was created. It is odd I am alive, and they do not like me alive. Because when bad things happen in the universe like black holes, and stars exploding, unnaturally sick people and babies, and asteroids and other horrible things, I heal it just by my soul being present and healthy on Earth. It hates the world.
As long as I am here the Stars are here, and the world is here and not being eaten by their Sun.

The Sun is not a material.
Suns are practically not materials, I know what people say Suns are made of materials and eventually will burn out without supply. But that is not true. If they were they would of burned out a long long time ago, from eating it's material. It's not that it is a soul either I don't think. But it would be funny because it's called Sol. They do though, die when I am not here and get cold... But it's not because of material or me failing to be present it is because people try to physically try to kill me when I am here.

Why can't you see angels?
Why can't you see angels, it is actually quite scary. Many of the billions of angels in the beginning of time fell. And they are underground suffering, some escape though and travel and try to travel into the Earth like Mephistopheles. I am Deus, and even I had fallen. But I knew of ways of getting out of Hell, by throwing myself into the hole of Infernum and burning off imperfections. Which usually hurts badly, the torture. But the fire did not hurt me because I grew used to it from so much suffering and also my body.

But the ones that are there, there are still a lot. And those are The Watchers.
Michael, he who is in the likeness of God (Archange Mikhail) blonde and pale with blue eyes white wings, Raphael angel of healing, black hair and a green aura, white wings, Gabriel, he who protects/protector of children and brotherly-ness, the one who carries the trumpet. (Archange Jibriel) Black hair blue eyes raven wings, Ariel (Uriel) blonde tall.

They watch the human world. As well as I had, before I was a part of it.

But eventually in the future more angels will be coming out. Out of hell repenting or being born.

Where is Lilith?

Forest and Flower
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