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The moon is purple and the sky is dark. And fog hangs over everything, in a cool and fearsome haze as nature heals from the effect of human greed. Animals are given birth, and new animals are created by my hands. A large ocean in the sky had been mag
Mephisto was theorizing reasons why the angels fell, and thought maybe it had something to do with, I, Deus being androgynous and homosexual.
And had thought the fallen angels had rebelled against me in order to take me as their lover.

I had found out today that The Serpent that I have been battling and has been killing me goes by a different name from Satan, it is Vitra. Satan, must had been a descendant but had died off. And wanted their offspring to remember how dangerous I am. In thousands of years previous, the wars and battles against the Serpent and Serpents (when it would have offspring, and many, many of them.) would be called in German, Chaos Kamph. A female deity had killed them and fought a Serpent in ancient times.

I have had children. Their names were Cain and Seth, and they were very powerful. They had died, because they were born from me when I was a demon thousands of years ago tormented in Hell. I had given birth to them.

Even though it is said I am married to Lilith. And Lilith is a woman recorded, she can go on as male, in male form. And is known as Mammon. And I had their children.

All angels and demons are male or two sex.

All angels and demons are male. However, I had thought more were like me male and female? But more likely they are all male and the only androgynous ones are the Angels of Death which are my sons.

I have had sons and daughters in previous rebirths... Recently when I was born into Italy in the 1500s Black Plague. I was the lover of a famous painter/aristocrat and had a daughter but she died from the plague.

I was born on the Feast day of Saint Michael the Archangel in Milan Italy, and thus why I was named Michaelangelo Merisi. " De Caravaggio" from the painter I was the lover of.

I had nicknames though to cover my name, because the name had been used to sell paintings. My name was Mario Menniti on the paintings I posed at. 'Menniti' because it sounds like 'mini, or tiny' because I am small.

The demon Mephisto, has just called the Serpent Vitra to summon more Serpents nearby if they had reproduced and had multiple children. If Vitra had a whole War between heaven and hell could spark out or he could possibly have to kill all of those serpents which I don't know whether he has a weapon.

I love Mephisto and had planned to have his children go into heaven.

There are no black winged angels in heaven... Besides me and my brother Gabriel since the fall. Which I had fell as well, which is ironic because I am actually Deus... Despite all my names related to Death and the Grim Reaper
In the book Faust...

I am really keen on looking closely into pictures for symbolism and signs. In Faust, Mephisto had a contract for the greedy alchemists soul. However despite, he was not allowed certain freedoms and other liabilities.

In one photo to a book about Faust I look closely. And I look at his crotch.. 😵😵 and he has a chastity belt on so he can't have sex...I have no part obviously but I thought it might have to do with Arch. Michael.

He is also really handsome and beautiful, his face. And the clothes look odd, they are cute but also made to humiliate him. He has large blue eyes and arched black eyebrows, pale skin and dark hair with a v shaped hairline. Pink smiling lips, but he is also very muscular and curvy. But is hidden by his outfit of gems and chastity belt.
Mephisto hates the humans. I also, within reasons.
Last night he was angry and wanted to hurt someone, he hasn't been around since the 1600s. And humans are richer now, they have everything they want and need. Cars are like glittering gold. The houses are big and clean. It would make anyone angry and jealous enough to drive them to kill you. He knows it as the greed of humans.

Immortal creatures have never really been able to enjoy anything...

Immortal creatures have not had a lot through the years. Although immortal, most angels had fell in the beginning. I had not even been able to taste the fruits of life or my own planet because of the fall, being labeled as a demon for multiple years, and also because others have more. Angels hide because they know Greed. They hide because they know what they have can be taken away
Demons and angels are literal unicorns waiting to be hurt and have their horns chopped. Because wings have powers, because we are the Cup of Youth and Immortality.

They won' t come to you. But you can go to them, in heaven and He'll. Demons though will. Which leads me to another thing..

Evil Human Spirits on Earth are considered demons. And for one reason and that is because they are evil. Demons are always physically there, never not physical. Demons have bodies to travel in, and where they are they will go physically, however evil human spirits considered demons are actually just.. Human. Which is scarier if you think, if you are ever attacked by a spirit and are harassed it is most likely 99.9% a human trying to hurt and scare you.

To tell it is actually a demon, he will most likely be trying to take something from you. Something they need or don't have. Like sexual pleasure, or loads of energy, food, or maybe even steal things in your house. Also why demons are seen as Fae or Faerie. (Have you heard people talking about making a contract with a Fae?) They are sneaky and intelligent. Very tall or very short and young. They could be jealous, but they could only hurt you if they have been offered a lot of energy but they are still physically in Hell in their suffering. And that is even sadder. Only more powerful demons have free reign of hell and freedom in hell. 🌼

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