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The moon is purple and the sky is dark. And fog hangs over everything, in a cool and fearsome haze as nature heals from the effect of human greed. Animals are given birth, and new animals are created by my hands. A large ocean in the sky had been mag
Where is Lilith?

Today I found lilith's wings in the marketplace which is ironic!
Today I bought a bunch of Gaian stuff related to the angels and it's really cute. But also it was really expensive 😭 I have more I want to buy and I'm sad there isn't more stuff for Mephistopheles and Archangel Michael. The wings are expensive and cute. And my wings in the store aren't the same color. I wanted to look for Lilith things but am scared.

Because I don't know whether Lilith is a boy or girl... Which is a story. Literally. Not in your human recordings.

Mephistopheles found out the secret of the fall today. And who I am. And is waiting for the Serpent Satan to die. I am getting healthier.

People think that I am naturally chubby but I am not, even though it seems. I actually am thin and gaunt looking. Lanky/or extremely short...

So once Satan has started dying I have lost weight. Because it actually Satan's weight on me. He was planning to get me in trouble with Archangel Michael again and have me sent to hell as the "antichrist" which is far from true. By putting weight on my stomach to look like I was pregnant.

Which he would not believe anyhow, since I have been a Watcher (watcher of the human world) for years and years before that. But besides people still believe I' m his enemy.

I'm going to be looking at Lilith's things soon. Because they were my friend a long time ago. 😅😅😍😍😍😍😍

My fish tank is disgusting. I have five large goldfish that are more like Koi. And the fish tank is tiny, so it's five large fish flopping around in a tiny puddle. I have two other fish named Gabe, a lion head goldfish, and Calli, a calico fancy tail. But it's ironic since Gabe is the girl and Calli is the male.

I need to get rid of the Koi so Gabe and Calli have room to swim and heal. Which their tails are weak right now. And the five other are just too much to handle. They dirty the tank constantly.everyday I have to clean it out I have no room to have anymore fish or life in the tanks because they are all so big.

Fancy tail goldfish have tails that look like butterflies. And if you take care of them properly they are really pretty and friendly. They like to cuddle your hand against the glass and follow you. And if you put your hand in the tank to clean it they'll likely try to cuddle it.

But they eat tiny fish. So no matter what when I put other fish in there they are eaten. And my mom keeps adding these little fish in and they die. And even shrimp or anything gets eaten so I'm going to have to get rid of some if I want a nice and pretty tank.

I drew a naked mermaid and sea plants for the bigger tank. Which was on adhesive felt, I don't really have a lot for the tanks because I got them when I had a job. It was 30 dollars for the tank and 80 dollars for the fish. The pictures so the fish could hide, and have privacy.

Our house is really small, and cramped up with useless sh⭐t. So the fish are scared even to come close, and half the stuff could be sold off and use the money for something better. They have a nasty house, but soon I'll be leaving anyhow so it doesn't matter.

Rude type of people, that don't have guests. And when they do their guests are as rude and loud as them. So bringing friends over has always been hard for me, and is always an issue when most tings are neglected. And the people are rude and commanding during your stay. Every sleep over we are yelled at about what to do and not to.

I see worse off people everywhere. Living in shacks without electricity. My ex-friends house anyhow, and the other living with rats and spiders and without AC or cable and that friend was the nicest, and most kindhearted I had ever known. We were friends for about 9 years, but she got into a relationship. I had moved in with her, and moved out because she got pregnant and I was the added stress.

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