Okay. I am a kpop stan. Specifically with a girl group called Dreamcatcher.
My journey with Dreamcatcher began in 2017 just shortly after their second title song, Good Night, was released. I discovered their debut song, Chase Me, from an ad after watching a variety show and fell in love at the first chord of the piano. I have been an Insomnia, their fanbase name, since then.

Quick info about the group:
Originally a 5 member group called Minx in 2014, but then rebranded as a 7 member group called Dreamcatcher in 2017 and going from mainstream kpop to a very unconventional and never before seen genre in kpop, rock. They have stuck to their roots and have steadily gained a loyal following over the last 4 years. The girls are all very talented and hard workers and absolute loveable dorks when not performing. They deserve recognition and love after having so many obstacles in their way and yet fighting head on to become the Dreamcatcher we know and love today. Here they are!

Real name Kim Minji
The oldest member and leader of the group.
Lead vocalist and visual
Fake maknae

Real name Kim Bora
Main dancer and lead rapper (stopped rapping after Good Night)
Sub vocalist

Real name Lee Siyeon (pronouced She-yeon)
Main vocalist
Fierce and charismatic

Real name Han Dong
Only Chinese member
Sub vocalist
Savage member

Real name Kim Yoo-Hyeon
Lead vocalist
Tallest member
Multilingual queen

Real name Lee Yu-Bin
Main rapper, Lead dancer, and Sub vocalist
Deep rapper voice but angelic singing voice

Real name Lee Ga-Hyeon
Sub vocalist and sub rapper
Eyebrows and smirk will draw you in

Now why am I talking about Dreamcatcher?
It's because they just had a comeback with their latest album Dystopia: Road to Utopia TODAY and dropped the music video for their title track Odd Eye and I NEED people to listen and stream it!

So since you have obviously listened to it, you're hooked and want to hear more of their songs right?
Well you are in luck! Dreamcatcher has 11 albums you can check out both in Korean and Japanese! All on spotify as well as youtube. It's best to just start from their first album and listen to ALL the tracks because every single song is a BOP. If rock is not your cup of tea, don't worry! Dreamcatcher's songs has got something for everyone! From rock to pop to EDM to ballads, even jazz! Their producers, LEEZ and Ollounder, are GENIUSES and they create such amazing and mind blowing songs every comeback. They are essentially the hidden 8th and 9th members of Dreamcatcher since they are the reason for Dreamcatcher's iconic sound.
And if you like hard choreography, Dreamcatcher has got you covered! They choreography are on par with boy groups and Odd Eye has topped it beating out Chase Me which was their toughest choreography ever.

Please show Dreamcatcher some love and if you end up falling for them, great! Welcome to the dreamworld! If Dreamcatcher is still not for you, then thank you for giving them a chance!