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'Shiaia's Amazing, Awesome Adventures!' A log of the great Captain Shiaia. Brought you to by the amazing Shiaia!

Songstress Safa
Community Member
~*This little piece is dedicated to a couple I love well. Their special day is tommorrow-I wish them all the best their day has to offer. I know this may not be much, but it's what I wanted to offer-and I hope it's okay. redface I worked really hard on it...and I hope my friend and his special prince like it. Here it is, my untitled tribute to my dear friend CandyxCore304 and Whispered_Screams.*

December 1st, 2006.

Snow’s falling like rain here in Charon City, the city that’s known for its ability to stay awake under the worst circumstances. The ground is bathed in fluorescent white sheets, thanks to the heavens that are pouring out snow as if it were rain. Silver skies are hovering above us, and I feel as though they’re smiling at me for some reason. Perhaps it’s because they are smiling-smiling at the world. It is the most beautiful time of the year, after all-who wouldn’t smile?

But it’s strange to me. I spent so many years holding back a true smile, and now I find myself smiling constantly. It’s a simple exercise, smiling, but it was so strange to me for so long. Every time one spreads across my face, I feel like a child taking their first steps. And I know why. I’ve finally learned how to live, thanks to a certain someone. For the first time in my life, I’ll be able to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year-because someone taught me how to smile.

My name’s Kin. I’ve lived in Charon City for my whole life, which means that I’ve been a resident for twenty years. I was born and raised by my mother, Arana. I had a father, but I can’t possibly say that he participated in raising me-all he ever did was scream at me. I can’t forget to mention the fact that he took pleasure in pounding the living s**t out of me, either. My father and I weren’t like other ‘father-son’ couples; my father hated my guts from day one, and I never really took to him either. Everything I did in front of him was a crime, even if I merely took a breath. At one point he referred to me as a ‘curse’, which brings up another special subject. He never even addressed me by my name-he always used pronouns to call me, and I always had to respond no matter what.

Things were really shitty between us, but they got even worse when I hit the age of seventeen. See, I fell in love with someone named Aeolian Strysder-a member of my high school’s dance committee. But here’s the thing. Aeolian just happened to be a guy, which pretty much incensed my father. My mother, I could tell, was disgusted by it, but she acted as though I had some sort of disease inflicted on me or something.

My father, on the other hand, was just outright pissed beyond belief. So things came to a halt between us. I stopped acknowledging his existence, he put in the proper paperwork to disown me, and I split. I found a place of my own and called it ‘home’, away from the ones that were supposed to love me. I guess they did, in their own special way. Maybe I just took things the wrong way, or maybe they learned things the wrong way. Perhaps they were trying to defend me from some disease or something-I just didn’t see it that way. As for Aeolian, I found that he just happened to be what they call ‘straight’ in our society. That was the biggest downer of that time period.

I was on my own for just a year, and then things changed. Change is a pretty important part of my life, it seems. It’s been following me around for ages. I became a member of a rock band called ‘Amber Diamonds’-the guitarist, to be exact. See, in my spare time, I taught myself something useful. I bought an electric guitar from the nearest music store and pretty much spent my nights drumming out my frustration. My next door neighbor picked up my sounds one night, and invited me over for lunch the next day. That led to me gaining a position in his newly formed band. I was pretty psyched about that, for I believed nothing would ever look good for me, no matter how much I wanted the sun to come out. That was my first true high spot in what felt like eons-I kinda felt like s**t while I was on my own, not having any true purpose in life.

One thing lead to another, and one thing led me to a book tour. One of my new friends, Eli, decided to whisk me off to the Charybdis Bookstore and we stumbled upon an author signing one of his brand-new books. There was a huge crowd-one of the biggest crowds I’ve seen in years. The author was probably used to such a large crowd-I assumed that just by looking at his facial expression. He was calm, perfectly tranquil and composed...and happy.

For the very first time, I got to see what a true smile looked like...and I was stone-cold struck. Struck by Cupid’s arrows. My body was riddled with them. Eli thought I had caught a bug or something, but it wasn’t that. Far from it. For what felt like the very first time, I had fallen in love-completely forgetting about the downer I had earned from Aeolian. The guy in front of me just wiped everything from my past away, making it seem as though it never even happened.

When the crowd finally cleared (three hours later), I scraped up enough courage to have a little chat with him. He was fascinated with me-I could tell that right off the bat. But it wasn’t the same type of fascination a child has for a puppy, or a plaything. It was the type of fascination that transforms into infatuation, the sort an archaeologist has when they’ve found the greatest ancient civilization. His eyes, those beautiful eyes, were filled with something I can hardly describe-the most beautiful light I had ever seen. His smile was absolutely flawless, seemingly etched by the angels themselves. I had never believed in angels before, but seeing him made me believe in angels, stars and wishes. I felt as though I had transformed into a child, standing there before him. He made me feel happy, kinda warm and secure-I kinda felt like a completely different person...and I liked that feeling.

Unfortunately, our chat was only a few minutes long. To me, those minutes were nothing more than seconds. His manager whisked him off, saying that he had to rush to some sort of meeting. I guess authors are pretty busy when they’re famous. Something awesome came out of our small chat, though-he invited me to dinner, and I happily took the invitation. I kinda felt like an idiot, grinning and blushing like some star struck schoolgirl that had just been asked to the prom, but I really didn’t care. All that mattered was this; I was actually happy.

And so I was hopeful. This guy, I thought, wouldn’t turn me down simply because I’m a guy. I had never seen such beautiful light before, but I could tell that he took a strong interest in me-I can almost say that he wanted to propose to me, because he looked as though he had never seen someone like me before. I wondered why...and all my wondering made me blush even more. I felt like some bride-I had never blushed before our meeting in the bookstore, and now blushing was a frequent occurrence.

The night just intensified my feelings. When he asked me to dinner, I thought we’d head out to some rickety café or something. He had me escorted-through limo-to the ritziest place in town. The Elysium Garden. The kind of place someone would normally take a husband or wife. Not the kind of place you’d take your date to, unless you just wanted to toss money out the window. Eli and the others told me that he was a pretty popular author, one that was at the top of his game, and they proved to be right. I had never heard of him before, but apparently everyone else had-and they loved him. He was evidently a star in his own world...a world I had never seen before.

I spent the entire night feeling like Cinderella. The place took my breath away instantly-it was covered in golden candlelight, serenades and white flowers. I felt as though I were about to watch some sort of fairy tale wedding...and I kinda felt like an idiot all over again, blushing hard enough to burn my seat. Thankfully, my date didn’t see it that way. As a matter of fact, our night went well-surprisingly well. I spent most of the night in silence...which made me feel kinda bad because he did most of the talking...but he...he was...well, sweet. Sweeter than anyone I had ever met before...and that made me happy. I became even happier when he defended me, striking down a passer-by that just happened to notice I was a guy. I fell deeper in love with him, but I felt as though I had fallen in love with him all over again.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had turned out to be crown prince. At the end of our date, he gave me a tiny kiss on the hand, bowed and left-after he had walked me up to my door. I wasn’t able to say too much-I tried to at least say ‘thanks’, but that was right before he took my hand and kissed it. Unbelievable, I thought, and stumbled into the house...feeling as though I had been slapped in the face with a bag of iron.

From that point on, things only became better. The next day I found a bouquet of white roses on my doorstep, coupled with an ivory card that read ‘you’re welcome’-something that made my day bright enough to shame the sun. The next night he called me and shyly told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about him, because I was ‘the most beautiful treasure’ he had seen in years. That was it for me. Cupid manually inserted his entire arsenal into my body and left me bleeding-bleeding happily with...with love.

From then on out we fell deeper into love with each other. I haven’t forgotten about my band, even though it was pretty hard for me to concentrate on anything other than ‘you-know-who’s smile. Things became better for all of us, I guess. While I spent my free time blushing and recognizing the happy things in life, our band soared to the top of the charts. Eli said it was because I had found something to hold onto. I think he was right.

Two months passed by. No fights, no glares-not even the smallest disagreement or lack of interest. I thought my newfound prince would have become bored by week three, but that was not the case. He had fallen madly in love with me, and I had fallen desperately for him. Life became even brighter when he asked to move in with me-he hated living by himself when he couldn’t stop thinking about spending time with me. You can pretty much guess what my answer was.

Our first night was magical. I found out that he loves romantic atmospheres-he tried his hardest to make everything special. He even cooked up a batch of pasta-the most romantic food there is. And so I spent the entire night in silence, unable to speak because of my burning cheeks. He told me everything I needed to know about him, for he felt it was appropriate to share with me on the night he moved in. I found out that thousands of people loved his books, he referred to himself as a ‘fairy tale dreamer’, and loved the thought of being in love with someone like me. He was sincere-every word was carved out of pure emotion. I had seen liars before-some even tried to pick me up-so I could tell the difference between a liar and someone that spoke the truth.

He was honest...and I was madly, hopelessly in love with him.

He told me he’d sleep on the couch until ‘sleeping arrangements’ were made. It was pretty dumb of him to leave everything to me, since he had turned my brain into mush. I think I probably sounded like an idiot whenever I opened my mouth, and to make matters worse he kissed me on the hand again. And then he had the nerve to fall asleep, right there on the damned couch. I wanted to kill that damned couch of mine. I wanted to burn it alive, and then cover my new roommate in kisses. He was the warmest, most romantic person anyone could ever hope to meet...and it didn’t hurt that he was the hottest, sexiest thing on two legs either. How could I not be tempted?

Reluctantly I dragged myself off into my bedroom and forced myself to sleep...hardly able to even comprehend the meaning of my own name. The morning brought another surprise-he had gotten up early to make breakfast, French toast to be exact. I found him in the kitchen with another bouquet of roses, and I wanted to faint. He knew how to knock me senseless, and did so in every way imaginable. After breakfast we went our separate ways-he went off to work on his book matters, and I went off to work with my band. He even knew how to knock me breathless with a ‘goodbye’; blushing, he turned to me and waved...looking as though he were about to die from separation woes.

Two weeks went by before...before we...made love to each other.

I wanted to seize him on the third day, but he wanted to wait for a more appropriate time-being the prince he was. Old-fashioned ways killed me. A part of me wanted to throttle the crap out of him, but I waited. I was impatient, but I waited. And right before I was about to break, he drew me into the most beautiful kiss anyone could ever imagine. Whispering, he told me that he had fallen madly in love with me...and told me that time had frozen itself...just so he could ‘cherish’ me. That was all I needed. Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to be carried into the bedroom...and that was that. We spent the night cuddled against each other-he slept, I spent most of the night awake...blushing.

One thing became clear to me that very night.

He taught me how to smile. Taught me how to live.

And I loved him...loved him more and more each day.

Life couldn’t get any better. From that point on, he used every opportunity available to kiss me-small kisses, long kisses, abrupt kisses, you name it. He would ‘assault’ me at band practice, wrap his arms around me and bring me into the heaviest kiss imaginable...and then would walk out without a word. I found little gifts at my station constantly-small rose bouquets, boxes of chocolate candies, and even homemade cookies. He was always thinking of me...wanting to hold me...I could feel him through everything he gave to me. And he was always there for me...not only as the hottest lover alive but as a friend...a mentor and teacher.

Two months passed...before my life crumbled.

See, I was a frequent visitor of the Cerulean Bar, thanks to my band mates. My pals and I would always hang out at that stupid bar every night, right after practice, and we’d drink ourselves silly. I never drank anything heavy-I didn’t want my prince to handle some wobbling drunkard. But one night, everything changed. A member of a rival band suckered me into drinking something heavy-almost fatal. It turned my mind into mush-I could hardly remember my own name. So he used that against me. The b*****d drew me into the backroom, followed by his own band mates...and my band mates were far too drunk to even notice anything wrong. And so I allowed myself to fall right into a snare-a snare that would haunt me for what would feel like ages. Grinning, laughing, they drew me into their game...and I found myself stripping right in front of them. They told me they wanted to play a game, and they’d record it so they’d have something to laugh at.

Like an a*****e, I followed right along with the game.

Somehow, I managed to make my way home...and to my horror, my prince had been the one responsible for taking me home. I woke up with the worst hangover anyone could have, but that was the smallest of my troubles. Thankfully, someone had dressed me before my prince had brought me home-probably Eli. I spent the rest of the day in the bathroom, looking over the toilet...not just sick from the drink...but sick with guilt. As expected, my prince did whatever he could to make me feel better...and asked not a single question about what had happened last night.

That just made me feel even shittier.

The afternoon pretty much brought my life to a close. My prince stayed home with me, canceling his meetings with his agent in order to watch over me. Lo and behold, his cell phone rang...and he received a video. A video...that had been taken...in the back room of the Cerulean Bar. News reports followed that, catching my prince’s attention. The guitarist of the Amber Diamonds was found in foul play with a singer of the Crimson Tides, they said, tarnishing the relationship he had established with ‘you-know-who’.

And that was it.

He didn’t say a word to me for HOURS.

And when he finally spoke...every word broke my heart.

I had broken his heart...and I didn’t even mean to...

...but he was too hurt...far too hurt to even see that. And I couldn’t blame him.

To him, love was sacred...sacred and beautiful...something that should never be taken for granted...

...and I had harmed it. Harmed him. Harmed everything we had made together.

I can still hear him...his words...all of which were filled with pain. Tears tore themselves from his eyes as he yelled at me, angry and sad...sad and angry...hurt...heartbroken. I broken the heart of the world’s most beautiful angel...and I deserved to lose him. To make things worse, he decided to stay near me until my hangover walked out...and then he walked out. Packed, turned right around and left...barely able to look at me without bursting into tears. I couldn’t explain...couldn’t bring myself to explain...for I deserved to lose him. Didn’t deserve to have him in the first place.

My home became quiet...too quiet.

After spending so much time in the light...spending time in the darkness was excruciating.

The news spilled all over the globe. The Crimson Tides had been out to get us, and they had won. They had won the battle they wanted to win so much. They had gained the upper hand over our band, saying that Amber Diamond guitarist was a ‘player that ensnared every thing on two legs’. For weeks I spent my life in tears, only receiving the comfort of my friends...but wanting to receive the comfort of the one I had harmed...the heart I had broken.

A week went by before I scraped up enough strength to fight back. Thanks to Eli, I found enough resolve to defend myself-and defend myself I did. Accompanied by my ‘brothers’, I launched an attack on the Crimson Tides-specifically the one that had orchestrated my downfall-and our bands went into an all-out war. The battle was long and furious, but I was determined to fight tooth-and-nail...thanks to my newfound family that had given me strength. Axel brought the battle to a close, saying that he would unleash a secret about a Tide that would destroy the band’s career. If you’d like to know, the Tide that had attacked me was previously a girl-he had transformed himself into a guy in order to ‘fit in’.

The aftermath of the battle...brought about more magic.

On that night...someone very near and dear returned to me...in sobs.

Without a word he threw his arms around me...crying his heart out...

...and I did the same.

After an hour of drowning ourselves, he was finally able to say that he had missed me...wanted to see me so much...

...and I said the same.

I forced my ‘brothers’ out of the house, thanking them for everything they had done...thanking them for becoming my first true family. Eli and the rest took their leave, bowing as if they were facing a pair of royals...which made me happy, for some unknown reason. Just seeing them warmed my heart-I guess that was enough.

I came to love nighttime.

The rest of our reunion...was spent in tears. We could hardly speak, and whenever we did, tears just tumbled out of our eyes like tumbleweeds. At one point we even found ourselves laughing-sometimes, life was just too funny to believe...and we found quite a few funny points. Three hours went by before we calmed down...and he drew me into the warmest hug he had ever given me. Within my arms he cried himself to sleep, whispering how much he loved me...how much he missed me...

...and then I carried him off to bed.

The musical end of my life was cleared up. Our band’s name was cleaned, and so was mine-I regained my position as the band’s pretty boy, loved and adored by thousands of guys and gals. However, truckloads of fan mail didn’t really matter to me. All that mattered to me...was my family...and my prince.

That’s all that ever matters to me now.


It’s 9 am.

It’s cold, but that doesn’t bother me. Heck, I’ve fallen in love with the snow. Earlier I found myself singing Christmas carols, which made me feel pretty silly-but then again, I’ve felt silly before.

Our home’s not too far from the Diamond Candle Park-our favorite hangout, even in the snow. Eli says it’s our favorite place to make out-and I all do is laugh. Can’t call him a liar, because then I’d be the one lying. Anyways, our home is my favorite place...one that warms me every time I think of it. Unfortunately, I’m the only one at it right now-my prince is gone, off on another one of his book tours.

Or so I thought. As soon as I opened the door...I found that the entire house had been bathed in glimmering white rose petals...and he...was right there...smiling through the most beautiful tears.

Five minutes later, I became Kin Tsukiron...

...Sora Uzuki’s fiancée.

*~Love, Songstress Safa~*

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Community Member
comment Commented on: Wed Nov 22, 2006 @ 08:04pm
You're an amazing writer, and an even more amazing friend.
Thank you!

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