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'Shiaia's Amazing, Awesome Adventures!' A log of the great Captain Shiaia. Brought you to by the amazing Shiaia!

Songstress Safa
Community Member
~November 25, 2006~

Welcome to another piece of Misha's world. I would like to explain how the last couple of days had a huge impact on me before I launch into anything glorious and wondrously delicious (all of those words came out of nowhere, by the way). As you all probably know by now, I am a staunch defender of all forms of love-excluding incest, ***** and rape (if you can even call those forms of true love). The last couple of days caused me to doubt everything I believed in and wanted to defend, for biblical issues and 'morality' issues were raised against me.

My love for the homosexuality community was discovered a couple of days ago, and I had to finally reveal myself. Of course, one of the two that were responsible for catching me used the Bible against me, saying that the day it would be accepted would be when all Hell would break loose throughout the world-when all sins would be permissible to pass. I am of a different opinion. First off, I finally read our copy of 'Misquoting Jesus' and discovered that the New Testament, not surprisingly, was misconstrued by humanity.

Human scribes took out their magic pens and practically wrote whatever they wanted to write, therefore forming the New Testament to suit their beliefs/dreams/loves/dislikes/hates/thoughts. The mere fact that the Bible says women weren't really supposed to exist conflicts the early Christian societies, where women were regarded as prominent figures. But just because Eve came after Adam, women were doomed to follow behind their men as dogs-submisssive, quiet and unable to think. Sounds like whatever scribe wrote that section wasn't too fond of women.

And so that's how the US government was able to use the Bible against women.

They surely said that women weren't allow to think/breathe/operate without the support of a man because it was the Divine Will of God. Unfortunately, now I know that the Divine Will was mistranslated by a bunch of scribes. Unless the book I read was made by a quack, and he really doesn't know how to translate Greek/Latin/Hebrew, and every scholar he spoke with was an equal quack, the book lead me to a profound path. My words do not mean that I am not a true believer, or I believe that the Bible is tremendously useless. They also do not mean that the scholar believes the Bible is useless. I believe it's sad that many stories were mistranslated/omitted from the Bible, but I do believe in the Heavenly Father's power/will/love.

I believe in intimate connections with him-all of the spiritual/emotional bits of the Bible, like the ones within John and Psalms *my favorite section*, always touch my heart. I believe in our Heavenly Father with all of my heart, and see him as a lifelong friend. I always have, and always will. I just don't see the Bible as a 'play-by-play' textbook anymore. It's not fair to use the Bible against groups of people-especially when our Heavenly Father is an all-loving, all-merciful entity. I mean, how can men really strike down women when Eve was made to compliment Adam, not to be his servant/slave/dog?? Since Eve was made second, did her position really doom women to follow behind their husbands as submissive dogs?

I read another book that really helped. It was a book with all answers in regards to Christianity and God himself. I read that anyone that believes in the Heavenly Father has an equal chance in getting into the Heavenly Gates. Even those that commit suicide have chances. Our Heavenly Father is an all-merciful being, after all; all of those that believe will have their chance to be saved. All of those that truly hold the Father within their hearts will have a chance to find their places in Heaven.

There's just the fine print; no one can omit the Heavenly Father from their hearts. That's one of the things that won't be pardoned, and I understand why. How can you be permitted if you deny the very existence of Heaven itself? Even those that don't know of Him will have their chance. So bottom line: EVERYONE will have their chance. They just can't deny that He exists. There's, I think, two or three more fine prints, but when it comes right down to it...all we have to do is believe. If someone truly holds him within their heart, regardless of what they are, then they're walking in His light.

I also read that sins won't keep Christians from entering Heaven, with the exception of the one I previously mentioned and the other three-I believe that with all of my heart and soul. If we were to be technical, none of us would be entering the Heavenly Gates. We'd all be doomed to wander oblivion forever, for NO human is perfect. But our loving Father welcomes all of those that believe-you just have to believe, and that's all.

So they're aren't any weirdoes when it comes to the Heavenly Gates. No one's going to be crossed off the List for being strange, different or 'unnatural'. We're all His children-even the ones that don't believe in Him are His children. All we have to do...is believe. Not too hard, eh? After all, He is our loving, benevolent, all-merciful father, and would a person with those attributes ban anyone that loves him?

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