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'Shiaia's Amazing, Awesome Adventures!' A log of the great Captain Shiaia. Brought you to by the amazing Shiaia!

Songstress Safa
Community Member
Hello, good friends all. The Christmas season in full swing-shoppers are flocking to malls like crazy. Speaking of the sudden shopping craze, the flocks of people hunting for Playstation 3s reminded me of my favorite Christmas movie, 'Jingle All The Way'. I always thought I'd like to be a part of a mad, wild flock-just as long as there's no violence...I'll stay out of the gunshots and police arrests, thanks...

I don't know why I'd like to be swept up a in mad flurry. I just thought it would be fun. Seems exciting! Anyways, I'm feeling pretty chipper right now...but my Thanksgiving session was kinda hard. I had to do a lot of soul-searching during the last couple of days, and it was a little hard. I was pretty down at times-until last night, I felt like crying a lot. Somehow, I was refreshed and eventually healed. I'm glad I was too; I don't like feeling so down in the dumps, because it's not me. Doubting everything I believe in isn't much fun.

I kinda have a lot on me widdle mind. There was a lot of conflict between a couple of things, which is why I didn't have too much of a happy Thanksgiving session. It concerned my Heavenly Father, the very 'community' that inspired me to become a Mediator of the future, and myself in general. I spent the weekend reading 'Misquoting Jesus', a book by the scholar Bart D.Ehram. That played a part in my soul-searching, and it helped rather well. I read other pieces from other inspirational books as well, and I learned something. One, the Bible (at least the New Testament, the very section that bothered me) is a manifestation of the human mind, carved by scribes that saw fit to put whatever they wanted to into the Bible. They waved their magic wands and said 'POOF'! So it was written.

Two: Our Heavenly Father is all about love. The End.

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