Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town of Forks
Not a human was stirring, exept for Mike Newton, the dork

The window was open, curtains pulled back with care
In hope that the vampire soon would be there

And Bella was sleeping, all snug in her bed
While visions of werewolves danced in her head

Edward climbed through the window and it closed with a tap
And he settled next to her for another nights...."nap"

But out from the lawn there arose such a howl
It made Edward get up to see who was on the prowl

He opened the window, and sought out the sound
Since werewolves cant climb, he seached on the ground

He ignored the new moon; the book gave him a bad reputation
Well, at least Midnight sun was one of Stephanie's better creations.

And what did his wondering vampire eyes see?
Why, it ws Jacob Black, And Samule Uley

The werewolf nodded his chin and the vamp did the same
Then the wolves ran back fromthe way that they came

But before Jacob disappered into the night
He yelled out to Bella "YOU LOOKED GOOD IN TWILIGHT!"