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Sukui Uchiha
Community Member
OHSHC - Meant to be - Chapter 10
Soon they got to the movie theatre, Kaoru paid the taxi cab driver, Yumi offered to pay half but Kaoru refused. He opened the door for Yumi and then she got out. “Thank you.” She smiled. Kaoru grinned. “No problem, Yumi-chan.” He replied and waved the taxi cab driver good bye. They got in and a blonde haired girl, chewing on a piece of gum like a cow was behind the ticket counter. She had on florescent make up on; bright greens, pinks and blues covered her eyes and her lips were in a bright pink. “Hello, Welcome to Sakura cinemas, my name is Ayami. What movie would you like to see?” She asked, checking Kaoru out. “Two for ‘Something about Mary’.” He told her, ignoring the fact that her eyes scanned his body. “Oh, are you going to take me?” She laughed with a snort. Kaoru sighed; he hated these types of people. “Sorry, no, I’m with my girlfriend right now. I don’t feel like cheating on her today.” Kaoru smiled at girl. Ayami snarled. She then pressed a few buttons and two tickets came out. She gave it to Kaoru. “Hope you enjoy the movie.” She said sarcastically.

They started to walk away, Yumi stared at Kaoru. “Wow, Hikaru, Thanks. You’re so sweet to me.” Yumi smiled and kissed his cheek gingerly. Kaoru was surprised, even though he didn’t love Yumi, he still blushed. He placed his hand on her hip and took her to the snack bar. “You want some popcorn and some soda?” Kaoru smiled at her. Yumi nodded with a smile. A fat redhead came up to them, she had no makeup on. “What would you two like?” She asked with a smile, her name tag read ‘Chi-Chi’. Kaoru smiled back at the women, she seemed nice. “Large popcorn and a large soda. Two straws.” He ordered. The woman nodded and went to go get the popcorn and soda. Yumi looked at Kaoru. “You want to share a soda?” She asked him, an eyebrow rose. “Yeah, I don’t mind.” He replied and paid for the popcorn and soda once it came over. Yumi grabbed the soda and Kaoru grabbed the popcorn. They walked toward the screening room. ‘She’s great! Only a few things that I am not sure of… but I’ll see how the date goes to the end.’ He thought, happily.

Once they entered the screening room and took there seats in the middle of all the rows, they quietly awaited for the movie to start. Occasionally taking a sip from the cup of soda and munching on a few pieces of popcorn. The light started to dim and the advertisements started. Between ads, Kaoru and Yumi whispered stuff like; ‘That movie looks awesome!’, ‘That movie looks stupid.’, ‘I’ll see it when it comes on DVD.’ And ‘That movie is defiantly winning an award.’ Soon the movie started, Yumi looked at Kaoru and smiled, he smiled back. There were many laughed, many ‘Awwwws’ and ‘Ew’s”. One part was so funny that Kaoru almost had soda spurt out of his nose.

The movie ended even though they didn’t want it too. Surprisingly, they finished the popcorn, and the soda. “That was a really funny movie; I think Kaoru would like it a lot.” Yumi said grabbing the empty soda cup and throwing it away. Kaoru smirked and threw the popcorn bag away. “Yeah, He would.” Kaoru replied wrapping his arm around Yumi as they exited the theatre. It was freezing, the wind was gushing. “Ack! Cold.” Yumi shivered. Kaoru took off Hikaru’s jacket then put on Yumi, he smiled. “Thanks Hikaru. You’re the best.” She smiled. Kaoru smiled then laughed a little bit. “I know this might sound weird for asking… but do you want some ice-cream?” He asked her. Yumi nodded, “That sound nice.” She said. He then escorted her to a not far by Ice-cream shop. They walked in silence, not in a weird way, but in a happy way. They soon got there and Kaoru took her to see all the flavours. “Wow… so many… I don’t know what to choose.” She said biting her lip. “Anyone you want.” He replied. Yumi looked; her blue eyes glanced at everyone. “I think I want the chocolate chip cookie dough.” She smiled at him. He nodded. The man who was serving the ice cream looked at them and smiled. “What shall it be?” He asked. “1 Chocolate Chip cookie dough and 1 strawberry.” Kaoru smiled at the man. “Coming right up.” He smiled and scooped up the ice-cream. He handed them both and Kaoru paid.

They sat at the heated area of the small ice-cream shop. Yumi took off Hikaru’s jacket and handed it to Kaoru. She tried the ice-cream. “Mmmmm! This is good!” She said with a smile. Kaoru smiled, “You know this ice-cream is homemade and…” He said but stopped when he saw his ice-cream falling. He tried to catch it but it was too late, it fell on Yumi’s shirt.

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