Its a little late to say this but I won the avatar cosplay arena! Week 36 of 2009 I was the second Ryuk to place ever, granted I got some flaming but you can't really say what I did was bad for one good reason, no one but me used these items for a Ryuk avatar. I saw an item in particular that caught my eye, it pretty much looked like I could finally do a near perfect ryuk cosplay, when I tekteked it I saw it was perfect, honestly I chose my reference pic because I liked it better than the one I entered with previously.

Yes I tried once before as ryuk in the arenas but this was also before the one that actually did take first place even entered, back then I actually ranked 13 with that avatar, I was almost the first ryuk to ever place, but now I have the privelage of being the highest scoring Ryuk ever in Gaia cosplay history!

Also a good friend of mine Snow_in_Sahara placed first in the Originals arena too, in her description she mentions a friend suggested to her to enter it, that friend was me! I was so happy for her when I saw she won.