There is something I saved for my Mother's Day,
It was hard just to find it and harder to say,
My mother is someone I don't want to lose,
All the words in the world it's hard just to chose,
She gave me the life that's now riddled with pain,
And gave me the kin who she loved all the same,
Then left me to suffer at their twisted hands,
So she and my dad could carry their plans,
Every night I remember staying up late,
Afraid of the brother that I truly Hate,
Wishing she'd come home sooner each time,
They never came true, those wishes of mine,
And always it seemed she got fed up with me,
For being the kid that most kids would be,
But I understand why she would get mad,
The blame for her actions fall on my dad,
She just needed a way to settle her pain,
I hated the way that I kept her sane,
But holding the burden was how I could Love,
And forcing the smile that fit like a glove,
So mommy could see that nothing was wrong,
Only these words I could say to my mom,

"I Love you Mom"