Full Name: Tabor Alec Lockheed

Name at birth: Tabor Alec Stromfeld. He was born the night before his parents were to be married, and as his mother died in labor his father was riddled with shock and sorrow over the event. It was two whole months before Tabor officially took Lockheed as his last name, before his father finally accepted his wife’s death and adopted his son properly.

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): p***k, Jerk, a*****e, Mi Amor. (All given by J.D.)

Title(s): Master (He wishes.)

Preferred name: Tabor.

Age/Date of Birth: Unknown day and month, assumed to be sometime in 1988.

Sex: Male.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Heterosexual

Race/Ethnicity: Spectral Shifter. He has dual forms, a human form that he considers a mere shell and his 'true form' which takes the shape of a Spectral Wolf, closer to a large dog in appearance though. It's base is close enough to a hound, however his body is writhed in white, deathly cold smoke, and his eyes are always glowing bright blue in his wolf form.

Skin Tone: Pleasantly tanned

Height: 6ft 2in

Weight: 165lbs

Build: He is described as lean and fit. (Reference pic)

Eyes: Molten Gold

Hair: Tabor's hair is an almost soothing dusty blond color. It's shoulder length and hardly ever styled due to it's inability to hold form for very long. So he just leaves it let down, mainly in a bed-head fashion.

Clothes Style: Tabor dresses in a very relaxed fashion, his trademark outfit being a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans. Despite his wealthy upbringing in the Lockheed family he never saw the point in dressing the style. One fabric was as good as another in his opinion, and he did not need to waste his time with easily-shredded silks and whatnot. As a side-note, he has a somewhat unhealthy dislike of shoes or socks. Any footwear really, it all unsettles him.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: As far as scars go he is like any other Lockheed: Too many to count, whether they be big or small. However, they all share the common trait of being hard to see unless they are looked for, due to the Lockheed's ability to regenerate. As far as tattoos go he has one. The Japanese Kanji for 'Believe' on the center of his chest. The tattoo is about the size of a clenched fist, maybe a bit smaller, and laid into his skin with jet black ink.

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Religion: Tabor is straight-up Athiest, contrast to his upbringing in the Lockheed household. His view is that Religion is humanities greatest weapon, used to justify the murder of millions across all of civilized history.

Political Affiliation: He is an Anarchist, and thinks that society could use a bit of Chaos. This is his stance on Human politics anyway.
Underworld-wise his political loyalties lie with the Lockheed Clan for Spectral Shifters. They currently war with two other clans: A Vampire Coven based in New York City, and a Court of Fairies based in Albany, New York.

Education: He was mainly home-schooled until attending three years of public school, crossing grades 10-12. He graduated with a basic High School diploma and does not plan on attending college. Living under the Lockheed household he does not need it, as he is allowed to live with the clan on the condition that he fulfill his clan role.

Languages spoken: Tabor's native language is rough Hungarian, though since leaving Hungary at a young age his primary became English over time in New York. He took up Spanish as a hobby at fourteen years old, said that having a Spanish accent might make him sexier.

Weapons (if any): Tabor does not carry any weapons. His ring makes good enough improvised Brass Knuckles when the need comes up.

Occupation(s): He serves the Lockheed clan as one of their Hunter-Killers, considered a position of honor. His job is to patrol the clan boarders to make sure that no rival Clans/Races are invading Lockheed territory, though his most recent job has involved Angelina, whom he has nicknamed 'JD' (Jane Doe) due to never being able to care enough to remember her name. In this job, Tabor has learned that sometimes Hunter-Killers are required to act as Assassins if necessary.

Past Occupation(s): He had no past occupation.

Special Abilities/Skills: He is highly charismatic, capable of seducing his targets if they are female or being able to fool male targets into thinking he is their ally just before he kills them.

Activities/Organizations: Tabor’s activities tie directly into his occupation. He normally runs patrol of the Lockheed’s clan territory with either his cousin Draven or an adopted member of the Lockheed family Sasha, who has a secret affection for Tabor. Occasionally, his patrolling entails him to kill violating Vampires or Fae from rival families. It can even entail him killing humans, usually hunters, if the appropriate conditions are met. He feels nothing for who or what he kills, seeing it as merely part of a job.

Hobbies: In an official capacity Tabor’s hobbies consist of clubbing with his cousin Draven and having sex with no less than two women at a time. (Ability to seduce kicking in.) But he doesn’t really have too much affection for the acts. His true passion, for lack of a better term, lay in hunting and killing off any random Vampire or Fae that dare cross his path. He has a natural talent for ending life, something like no other Lockheed has ever seen in a Hunter-Killer, especially considering Tabor’s apathetic take at his job.

Interests: Tabor’s interests are odd in themselves. He loves testing people’s personal boundaries and how committed they are to the rules they impose upon themselves. In doing this, he tries to understand the state of the living psyche as well as trying to figure out the percentage of the people whose inner darkness, no matter how minor, is allowed to control them or influence them. Besides these, his interests include Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll and not exactly in that order.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Tabor suffers most obviously from Emotional Detachment Disorder, as seen in his inability to feel much of anything on a genuine level as well as his apathy towards his clan role. He even has problems connecting or really caring for members of his own family, Draven having made the most progress to get a rise from him. Still, even in his love/hate relationship with JD he questions whether or not he really, truly cares either way about her.

Citizenship: At this point, Tabor only retains citizenship in the United States, his Hungarian citizenship having been revoked a long time ago.

Place of Birth: Tabor was born in Budapest, Hungary.

Now lives: In the Lockheed US Estate/Safe house several miles outside of New York City.

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