• “What the hell is that?” I ask as I stare at a red slime thing. I toe it with my shoe and go on staring.
    “God, why are you kicking it?” Tina sighs as she kicks my foot away.
    “Well its weird and was on the ground,” I stare at the ground not wanting her to give me ‘the look’. I sigh as we stand out in the middle of the street. “I don’t like this place,” I whine a little.
    “Oh get over it, look there aren’t any humans here to try and kill us and,” she cuts off and leans toward the east with her hand next to her ear.
    “Tina what,” she slaps her hand over my mouth so I let my wolf ears come out to hear the noise I wasn’t listening to before. It was a low growl or rumble. It almost sounds like moaning as it gets closer.
    “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?!” Tina shouts as these weird people climb over the hill.
    “I don’t know and I don’t want to find out,” I tell Tina as I grab her arm and pull her with me as I run away from the weird people. I pull us into a building and we race up stairs where we hide.
    Slowly the moaning passes by and then disappears.
    “Any idea on what those were?” I ask Tina and look out the window. “This place seems run downed,” I comment when I look around and notice the broken glass and lack of life here.
    “No kidding, right,” Tina rolls her eyes at me as she looks out the window. We hear a noise behind us and turn around to see a shadow walking toward us. I growl and Tina gets ready to fight.
    The shadow becomes a human with two M16s on his back and two seen hand guns on his hips with plenty of ammo on him. “Who are you two?” he asks right away and I notice he’s got a gun in hand as well.
    Tina and I both sigh at the same time glade it wasn’t one of those weird humans who now that I think of it smelled dead. “I’m Kain and this is Tina,” I tell the guy. I look at him a little hard and see he has a five a clock, shadow ripped up jeans, and a green army tank top with army boots to go. His hair is brown and cut short and his eyes are chestnut colored.
    Tina and I stand up as the guy looks us over. I know with my ears flat against my head he just sees a midnight black haired boy with blue eyes dressed in dirty holy jeans and a T-shirt with a hoodie and normal shoes. With Tina he most likely sees a beautiful white hair woman with green eyes dressed in lose jeans and a T-shirt with a jean jacket.
    “I’m Z, just Z,” Z says after he finishes looking at us. “Why are you two here any ways?” he asks us and we look at each other from the corner of our eyes and make a story like that.
    “Our car broke down,” Tina starts
    “And we saw a sign saying that a town was only a mile away,” I go on for her.
    “And we thought that someone might be able to fix the car,” her twitches her lip in an almost smile.
    “We came in and we heard a noise and saw those weird human things that aren’t human,” I finish the story off and Z looks at us.
    “Hm, well those things you saw were human at one point now they’re just mindless Zombies looking for food. The military was messing with super soldier ideas and injected a poor soul who died only an hour after and after another hour the guy was eating a guy who was putting his body in the freezer. That guy we save just to find out that the bite can turn them zombie as well and now this town had been infected,” Z explains this to us and we look at him.
    I look at Z and nod my head, “we should move before the zombies come again,” I look behind me out the window when I hear the moaning again.