• "The history of Tarshima is a wonderful history, for it began with our blah, blah blah, blah blah-blah."
    "This is soooooooo boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiing!!!" I thought in my head. "I should've skipped...."
    "PRINCESS!!! Since you find our kingdom's history is so BORING, that tell me why must skip."
    "s**t...forgot he can read minds...." I thought. "Sorry, sir. I should've thought, 'Hey today the mermaids are here to help fix up the festival for tomorrow, why do we have to stay in this horrible place they call school...' Honestly, Mr. Kiba. Why can't you just ask Mioru-chan out already...?"
    "I-I'm sorry, sir...that wasn't what i meant to say. What i meant was, Just ask her to the stupid festival already...That wasn't it either..." I said nervously.
    Kiba went furiously red.

    >>outside of the classroom
    Dammit...It's not my fault he is so nervous about asking Mioru-chan out to the Snownight Festival.
    "Princess Seika!"
    "Oh, Nixi-chan!"
    "This is quite a sight...You've never stood outside the class before. What happened?"
    "My empath power again...I said what he felt..."
    "Are you ready to come back in?!"

    >>the Next day
    That Kiba can sure hold a grudge...I can't believe I have to stay in...FOR THE ENTIRE FESTIVAL!! I apparently couldn't control my power, but he didn't believe me.
    "...? Tsubasa-kun? You come here to keep me company? Thank you... ^-^"
    "Hey...C'mon, get dressed. We're going."
    I turned around to see Cerebus on the balcony.
    "YES, SIR!!! O_O"
    I quickly got dressed, and then got thrown over his shoulders.
    "Let's GO, TSUBASA!!"
    They flew OVER the wall and into the festival. He put me down.
    "LET"S DO THAT AGAIN!!! 4laugh blaugh "
    "Let's NOT!"