• Once I'm out of the school lunch line, I head outside to find somewhere to sit. Just like everyday, everyone moves far away from me. It's a sunny day with a light, cool breeze. I look up at the sky with my silver eyes while the wind ruffles my really short purple hair. As I sit down my feathery, white, angel-like wings rest against my back. The name my parents gave me is Naya Katsuya. I also happen to be seventeen-years old and live in Tokyo, Japan. No one knows why but I was born with these angel wings. That's the only way I can describe them, as angel wings.
    For some reason, ever since before I can remember, people haven't liked me. They seem to have the impression that I'm perfect. Like I don't try hard at anything because I'm just naturally good at everything. This is what makes them envious and ignorant. I sit there eating my lunch until I see this guy walking towards me. This is the first time anyone has come near me. He has blonde hair and bright red eyes. "Hi I'm Tsukasa Takani," he tells me when he sits down.
    "I'm Naya Katsuya," I answer hesitantly.
    "Why are you all alone Naya?"
    "Because no one wants to sit by me. They think I'm perfect and the envy that," I explain to Tsukasa.
    "Well then they must be wrong because it's impossible to be perfect. You'd have to be a robot," he laughs at this.
    " I guess I would have to be a robot." Tsukasa walks behind me and reaches out his hand. I slightly flinch and soon realize he's only going to touch my wings. I sit silently and let him stroke the edge of my wing. "Your wings are so big, and white, and…."
    "Creepy?" I finish for him.
    "No. They're beautiful. I've never seen anyone with wings like these. I've never even seen anyone with wings." I turn around and gaze into Tsukasa's eyes. The second he gazes back into mine I know I can trust him. "Do you have a class fourth period?" Tsukasa questions me.
    "No I don't. I usually go home early after lunch."
    How would you like to go for a walk and talk?"
    "I'd love to," I answer. I throw away the trash from my lunch and then Tsukasa and I leave school. We end up taking a walk through the nearby park. "What do you like to do for fun?" Tsukasa asks me.
    "I really don't have much to do for fun but my mom taught me how to use a bow and arrow. Mostly, I just practice and try to be the best I can at hitting the target," I say.
    "Why did your mom decide to teach you that?"
    "I guess she thought it would be a good mother-daughter bonding experience."
    "That's cool. My dad taught me hand-to-hand combat. Who knows if it was a father-son bonding or if he wanted me to be able to defend myself. So do you get along with your parents Naya?"
    "Yeah I do. I don't know what I would do without them. They're the only family I have. That's probably why I spend so much time with them. That and they're my only friends too. If they just left one day I wouldn't know what to do."
    "Well that's good. Not many people get along with their parents. Usually, someone would try and stay away from their parents." Tsukasa and I continue walking but I stop when I realize we're near my house. "Hey Tsukasa…"
    "Yeah Naya?"
    "Can we stop at my house real quick so I can change out of this school uniform?"
    "Sure." We quickly get to my house because it's not far. It's a small one-floor house. I tell Tsukasa to wait on the porch for me. When I open the door I'm horrified. My parents have been slaughtered. They were chopped up like it was nothing and left there. The blood is everywhere. Tears immediately come to my eyes and I drop to my knees and scream. They're gone and I'm scared. Tsukasa hears my scream and runs in. Once he sees the carnage someone left he picks me up and lets me down on the grass outside. "I….I….I…" I'm left speechless.
    "It's okay Naya. We'll find who did this. I promise I'll help you," Tsukasa attempts to console me. I stare up into the sky and cry. I feel the tears pour down my face, one after another. Tsukasa watches me cry knowing that it'll be good for me to let it out. Eventually, I stand up and wipe the tears from my eyes. "I need my bow. I'm going to kill whoever did this. I swear I will. For my father and mother!" I shout.
    "Naya you can't go back in there. Where's you bow? I can get it for you."
    "Its in the bedroom by the kitchen. Take the back door." I wait for him to bring my bow and quiver full of arrows out. Tsukasa comes out and hands me the bow and arrows. I hang them both over my shoulder. "They couldn't have gotten far," I say. Tsukasa grabs onto me and my wings carry us into the sky. Completely oblivious to everything else, I fly us through the woods behind my house. I start to lose hope until a little while later when Tsukasa points out a girl below us.
    As I fly a little lower I recognize Sani Hizaki's long black hair and emerald green eyes. She has a long sword dripping with blood in her hand. Sani is the girl who hates me most. She's always wanted my life. And now that she knows she can't have it she decided to ruin it. I float close enough to the ground so Tsukasa can jump down. Sani turns around right when Tsukasa comes after her with a sidekick to the stomach. Before he can back off she attempts to stab him in the chest but misses and slices into his arm.
    All of a sudden I'm filled with sorrow and love. Sorrow for my parents' murders and a newfound love for Tsukasa. For how he protected me and actually talked to me. For the way he finds my wings so beautiful. I focus all these emotions into an arrow, which I shoot at Sani while I'm still floating. It hits her directly therefore piercing her heart. Sani falls back and instantly dies.
    I land and run to Tsukasa whose now leaning against a tree. Quickly, I rip part of the sleeve from my shirt off and tie it around Tsukasa's arm. "I'm so sorry Tsukasa. I only just met you but…… I've already fallen in love with you." Tsukasa puts his good arm around me and then leans down to gently kiss my lips. I kiss him back and my wings enfold us both.