• You know what?
    Sometimes I wish I had a friend.
    Someone to talk to.
    Someone to confide in.
    Someone to tell me it's all gonna be ok.

    I wish I had family that would be there for me.
    I Wish i could voice what i'm thinking.
    If i could voice me thoughts, They'd go like this.
    "Mom, I wish you hadn't quit your job, then you'd have a good reason to ignore us."
    "Keeli, You are the brat. I wanna punch you so hard in the face you'll learn to show respect to others."
    "Dad, I don't know what to say other then, I'm Sorry this has happened to you."
    "Ashli, Sometimes i wanna slap you because i just can't take your s**t anymore."
    "Chance, You're the biggest d**k i've ever met and i sometimes what to punch your lights out too."
    "I'm sorry for not being there for the ones that need my help."
    "The tears in my eyes sting so bad."
    "I'm not okay. I Wish people would stop asking."
    "Will I ever be happy once?"
    "What would people say if I was no longer here?"

    These are some of the thoughts I've had in the passed few hours. They hurt me to think like that. THe tears welling in my eyes right now, If it was possible to read tears, The person reading them would see Pain, Sadness, Anger, Hurt, and a mixture of other emmotions, None of them including happiness.

    I just need help.....