• Deciding My Life Wasn't Worth Living, I Tried Doing The Impossible.
    I Allowed The Grim Reaper To Use His Scythe,
    I Allowed The Blackest Widow To Bite Me,
    I Allowed The Blade Of Death To Take Me.
    I Let Myself Fall, From My 6th Floor Window.

    There Was No Pain, Never.
    I Was Happy In The Moment.
    Seeing Nothing But The Darkness.
    Hearing Nothing But My Pulse Fading Away
    Feeling The Blood Rush Out Of My Veins.
    Happy Feeling There, Wrong Timing Now.

    A Voice Called My Name, Constantly
    Could It Be? The Grim Reaper?
    I Knew This Voice As A Stranger
    No... This Voice Was Sobbing My Name
    This Voice Was Trying To Soothe Me..
    And Himself, That I Would Be Okay...
    Who Would Dare Cry Over My Life?

    I Used My Last Energy To Speak.
    "Who... W-Who Calls?"
    The Sobbing Had Stopped Then.

    He Spoke, A Happier Tone In His Voice.
    "Keep Alive, All Will Make Sense"
    Should I Trust Him? Believe Him?
    With My Last Breath, I Spoke Once More:

    "P-Please. Don't Leave M-My Side..."
    And With That, The Darkness Fell Everywhere.

    I Awoke, A Strange Beeping In My Ears.
    I Was Lying, In A ER Bed I Could Tell.
    My Eyes Stayed Shut, As Did My Mouth.
    But I Still Struggled To Find The Strength.
    I Slowly Opened My Mouth, But Weakly.
    "...Is... Is Anyone Here? Please...."
    I Felt No Presence Around At All.

    But A Voice Still Appeared, The Same.
    "I Am Here, Do Not Fret. Stay Still"

    The Relief Of His Tone Worried Me.
    "I Did Not Abandon My Life, Did I?"
    My Voice Shook, Very Weakly.

    "I'm Afraid Not, My Dear.
    But, Allow Me To Ask You,
    Why Did You Try That Stunt?
    Why Do It In The First Place?
    You Are Not Worth Risking"

    I Felt An Emotion Of Rage,
    It Burned In My Veins.
    "Who Wants To Know?
    I Demand You Tell Me,
    Who Are You Exactly?
    Why Do You Even Care?"

    "Hmmm" He Thought.
    The Sadness In His Tone,
    I Felt Guilty Enough For It.
    "I Am Sorry For Bothering.
    I Shall Take My Leave Now."

    "No. Wait, Please Stay"
    My Voice Was Sad, Shaky..
    "I Have No Right To Be Rude.
    I Begun The Thought For Me.
    I Wanted To Be Selfish.
    To Give My Soul What It Wanted Most.
    Away From My Body"

    "I Can Understand That"
    He Spoke Softer, Closer...
    "I Care Because I Was Next To You.
    To Where You Landed And Bled.
    A Beautiful Women, Dying At My Feet.
    I Did Not Care For The Blood Staining My Shirt.
    I Did Not Care For The Attention Drawn.
    I Cared Only For Your Life To Be Saved."

    I Was Able To Open My Eyes.
    Slowly, I Opened To See A Face,
    His Only Inches From Mine.
    I Was About To Speak And Scold,
    But I Looked Into His Eyes And Saw What He Was Seeing.

    ...He Cared More Than My Life, My Soul...
    He Cared For The Love I Was Capable Of Showing.
    And I Could See, That We Were No Different..

    With Genlte And Slow Movement,
    Our Lips Pressed Together.
    I Felt The Blood Rush In My Cheeks,
    Making The Blush Glow, Bright.

    Now I Understand, The Term...

    "Love Is More Powerful Than Death Itself..."

    It Was The Next Day In The Hospital That This Girl Died. She Had Lost Too Much Blood To Have Been Saved. The Boy However, Was Not Happy For A Long Time. He Visted The Girls Grave, Every Week, Blessing Her A Happier Life.

    June R. Angel