• well hello my name is joe i really don't like very many stuff but i did not start out like that i really started out with me liking everything in my site really even food too. so it started out in second grade one day...., this one girl started to became my stalker. anyway my life started to become worse for me then...., my life starting to get better also i met a girl in the 4th grade and she was a beautiful girl to me but in junior high 6th grade, i wanted to ask her out on a date and she rejected me sadly and i was very sad from then on so from 6th grade i was literally so sad i almost failed the 6th grade cause of me being so disappointed in myself. so now in the 7th grade i met new friends and fell in love or *teenage love really* so anyway i lost old friends and more girls became my friend cause i talked to them and got courage to talk to them. Then guys started to hate me more and soon i became the #2 most hated enemy in my school. But i became more and more obvious to things around mme whom lie to me and truth became more clear to me then......so i became more smart like as an example i death note im L. *said my girlfriend* anyway then i learned to be alone because i usually spend my time alone thinking my thoughts to myself like L. so now my friends are against me and i am trying to solve the most diffuclt question in life. "Am a going to make it in life"? soo yea oops forgot to talk about my halo thing too lol oh well

    THE END exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim