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Literature Collaboration (Working title)
This is going to be the largest and most multivarious collection of literature on Gaia, and only you can help. Come on, send in your work!
Update! w00t!
Hahaha! Schools out, and that means one thing and one thing only. I'm back to writing me my stories and other stuff. Although before that, there are a few things I would like to mention.

-Summer School! Yeah.. apparantly, you can fail Driver's Ed (Don't ask). So at some time in July, I'll be at summer school half of the day, so this journal is going to start off slow, but it'll speed up soon. Since it's only one class that was only one marking period long, it'll be really short. So think of it as a ball of lead the size of my head rolling down a steep hill.

- Comics! Yes, one of my friends just moved to Georgia (This dude is a kick-a** artist), so he gave to me all the comics we all worked on back in the day. I can scan those, and once I buy a photobucket account, I can post them here. This stuff is hillarious, but the art isn't too great. It's like a crap form of Chibi.. but to me, that adds to the humor.

- HENSHIN IS GETTING FLASH!! OMG! Dude! I'm getting flash, so once my other friend who can draw gets back form Florida, I'll be popping out some Flash movies. We're gonna dominate the frist page of Newgrounds, so be sure to check it out. Each time my team produces a flash, I'll post it here, so be sure to check newgrounds.

- The Source! No.. It's not one of those things that start off, and then never end. Remember, it's going to be my fist novel, so I really want to get some crappy stuff out of it first before I post it. So far what I have is nothing, the conspiracy get's better and better. (Honestly, the first two chapters are finished, I'm just editing. sweatdrop )

That's all for now, but I plan on doing some updating with short-stories first, as well as poems. However, seeing as I can't write poems very well compared to my friend, all these poems will be his. Dude.. this guy is freaking amazing at poems.

Also, this journal is up for a title change, and I really want to get it going this summer and make it not only my stories, poems, lyrics, articles, blogs, rants, whatever form of literature you can think of, I want it! You will get full credit, so don't worry. But my dream for this journal was to make it a large collection of literature.

Rock on!

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    This is good news.

    biggrin ... ... ... smile ... ... ...

    What is "FLASH!"? sweatdrop

    comment Kikanju · Community Member · Mon Jul 11, 2005 @ 09:55pm
    yo henshin ur journal is gonna turn out great i think wht w/ lyrics and ur life u could be a good rocker. pm me back

    comment saili ame · Community Member · Sat Aug 06, 2005 @ 01:12pm
    Dude. That's awesome.
    I'm so sending in the crap I write.
    I'll be like, cool by association.

    P.S.-I'm not really an illiterate idiot. I'm a national-award-winning writery person. So uhh...yeah. <3?

    comment PsychoTopHatCat · Community Member · Wed Mar 01, 2006 @ 03:57am
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