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Literature Collaboration (Working title)
This is going to be the largest and most multivarious collection of literature on Gaia, and only you can help. Come on, send in your work!
Welcome to my journal. I assume this is a public thing, or I wouldn't have wasted the time. If you took the time to stop by, then you might as well read this.

Yes, I chose a daily journal layout, but I don't plan on posting daily. I chose daily because I don't need 10 posts per page. I'll have very long entries, so I might as well choose daily.

This part talks about me, and only me, so if you don't give a rat's a**, don't read.
Now, let me introduce myself. I am [-Henshin-], but that's only because my old account got locked. So just call me Henshin, ok? Anyway, I am a writer. Well.. a writer more than anything else anyway, I'm only 15 afterall. Now, I may not be great, but from what I heard, I'm pretty damn good. In 4th grade, I created a short story for no reason, called The Life of Godzilla, and presented it to someone of higher intellect that could appropiately judge stories considering my age. Turned out to be really good. 7th grade, I made two short Stories, The Prehistoric Isle and The War of the Elements. Elements was the first story I wrote that was exceptional for my age and level of learning. The teacher who graded it said that if it were not so short, it could be published. I have many more short stories snice. Some very good, some not so good. I have also found out I have a knack to make a decent 'Who Dunnit?'. Currently, as of the date of this post, I am working on what I hope to make a book. It is to be called, The Source, about this person, who technically isn't a person, rather than a state of being, in someone's mind actually, he is the sole source of all the problems and crimes in he world. Interesting? I plan on posting the prologue to this book as my next entry, just a few tweaks.

This is the part where I explain what I plan on posting. If you don't give a rat's a**, then why the hell are you here? This is the whole point of this journal.
I plan on posting chapters and updates to the book I am working on, and other things that include writing. Mabye a Biography on someone, a report for school. If you want to request me to write something, mabye a Fan Fiction, or something, PM me. If the main idea is good, I might write something. Although I will not take every request, I hope to see someone with a decent idea on which I can write about. It'll be a short story of course, because I'm already working on a full novel. You can also submit an entry. This means that it is your story, and you will be givin full credit. You could have it in your own journal, but if you don't write much, an this was an impulse, then you may want to PM me, including your short story, poem, pretty much anything you wrote. If it becomes a classic, meaning it is exceptoinally good, then you may get a little award. That is pretty much it. I'll probably update this as we go along, but for now, this is good.

And that's it. If you're still reading this, then why not check out my other entries, make a request, submission. Become a writer where you can give me entries, and I'll post them, giving you full credit. you could have a monthly or weekly submission, like a magazine would. Something to give me something to do with my time, I'm bored out of my freaking mind.

In summary, this wil not only be my writing corner, but others may join with writing. Enjoy.

EDIT: I might get the other layot for my journal. apprantly, my entries aren't as long as I thought they would be, so I might as well, eh? This journal is going to go through some major changes, so don't get comfortable with this thing.

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