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Literature Collaboration (Working title)
This is going to be the largest and most multivarious collection of literature on Gaia, and only you can help. Come on, send in your work!
The Source - Chapte One - Part I
The sound of shells dropping, bullets scraping your ear, automatic gunfire, adn the occasional sickening soun of metal tearing through flesh as a comrade beside you slumped over with a bloddy helmut or punctured breast. These were the sounds one heard when on a battlefeild, in a dusty trench dampened with blood, firing your fully-automatic gun at the flashes of bullet-propelling explosions of gunpowder that fired back. The only moments when one was safe was when he had been severly injured in the medical bay underground, beneth the trenches, or dead, and bleeding on the ground. The sights were horrific. Sounds of screaming would reach from the undergroud depths of the medical bay all the way up to teh battlefeild, and would sometimes overwhelm the gunfire.

A bullet came whizzing by Lucifer's cheek, and behind him, another comrade fell as the bullet struck his forehead. Lucifer stopped himself from looking at the body, but recieted the Soldier's Creed, as he always had done when a soldier fell in battle.
<center>And as he reached the Pearly Gates,
To St. Peter he would tell,
Another soldier reporting, sir,
I've served my time in Hell.</center>

Upon completion, he blessed himself with the cross. After such a sight, a normal man would think about seeing the fallen soon. But Lucifer had very few frieds, and even fewer were alive. He was not about to dissapoint them by dying. He resumed firing, regaining his wits.

Lucifer began to reminice about why he joined the army. The voices of his siblings and parents.. parent. He was so caught up, his name was called four times. "You're on fire!" Lucifer was suddenly shaken from his nostalgia, and began patting himself down. A man in front of him was chuckling to himself. "You've go to be kidding me. You're like a dog with a biscut. Always following the biscut into the cage, and never learning. This is the third time this shift that I've gotten your attnetion with that." Lucifer looked up. A very familer face met his vision. Daniel Beatty, or 'Demon'. One of his few friends that was still aive, an the only one he knew that was in this battallion along with him. "Jesus, Ghost. Your clip is empty again. You've been firing that empty thing for damn near five minutes. Get your freaking head out of the clouds." Ghost.. his own little name that was given to him by his group of friends. He sunk below the earther barrier of the trench, and began to reload, pulling out hispack of cigarettes. "I don't know about your life before this, nor do I want to," The soldiers code of silence, never talk about your past life, "but I know that's what you're thinking about. Listen, buddy. It's in the past. Names like ours don't mean s**t if you have a bullet in your skull." It was true. Lucifer had been thinking alot about his past life recently. He was sure it was a sign of things to come, but whenevr he overly thought of it, it was always something good. He chuckled softly to himself as he lit one of his last three cigarettes. He watched as Daniel pulled out his own pack, and dig aroud inside it. "Damnit! My last f**!" Lucifer quickly hid his pack in his front pocket. "Uh.. yeah, me too." A smirk flashed across his face. "Yeah.. like hell it is. I see you. Each of your American packs has twice as much as ours do, and you barely smoke at all." Daniel muttered to himself, and lit his unfiltered tip.

"You know what..' Lucifer said, after a long silence between the two.
"Yeah?" Daneil replied.
"I like the sneaking missions more than this hell." Daniel spit out his cigarette. He wiped his mouth from the drool, and stared Lucifer in the eyes for a second, before going to retrieve it. "You ******** kidding me? Those missions.. they ain't for me. The fact that they use us for them, and not professionals just proves all the pros are all KIA. I don't know how you come back alive from all of them. You take at least one more than I do each session." Lucifer looked down at the ground at the words his friend had spoken. "You truly are a ghost.." Lucifer looked back up.
"There is no such thing as ghosts," he said, "just me." Daniel finished up his unfiltered tip, adn Lucifer reached the filter of his cigarette. "And I don't mean I like the difficulty. I just hate seeingotehrs die.." With that, Lucifer and Daniel simultaineously raised their guns, and fired into the mess of whotever was firing back.

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