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Chapter 2
:: Chapter 2- Escape::

Their luggage was being carried by some men of his, and she was forced to share a room with Nami. Yusagie sighed in her bed, Nami asleep next to her. And she knew what she had to do. She knew she had to destroy him for her father. And she knew revenge would not be any better then it is now.
Getting out of bed, Yusagie tiptoed out of the room then down the hall. She walked around the banister and heard his words like she did in her vision. She heard the words “ I killed Yusagie’s father for a reason. He told me she had a map for making the ultimate wish right before I killed him. Killing him would force her to work for me and I could use her power to my advantage”
She stood there for an hour, holding her breath so she was not caught. When the lights when out, a Saiyan solider walked by her. Yusagie twisted her wrist as her sword appeared with magic. From behind she dug it through his chest. His body fell to the ground dead. She withdrew the sword from his body.
She continued to walk and she reached Motes room. He slept quietly. Under a red canopy bed. Yusagie walked in slowly, then to his side she stared down at him.
“ You are a monster. You killed my father” lifting up the sword, she stabbed it through motes heart. He screamed loudly in pain. She then did it again, then again. H stared at her with tears in his eyes, he reached his hand to her with salvation.
With no energy he whispered "But I--treated you so well--" Yusagie's eyes formed with tears as well, she felt sadden a bit that she killed him, though she knew it was the brain washing she had for twenty year. One last time she forced the blade through his body until he stopped screaming.
She stretched her hand out, blowing his body off the bed into a blast. Though she did not get off. His scream was loud enough for his guard to hear. They entered the room. Quickly Yusagie shot energy at all of them, then dropped the sword and ran. She now knew the whole empire would be after her.
Running through the halls, she blended with the other men since they had not been yet informed it was her. She made it to the doors, and when she did, they all turned around after her. She ran barefoot quickly outside as fast as she could, her hands covered in blood, her breath ran out, but she struggled to lose them but could not do so.
Yusagie made it into the forest, tripping over a root. She fell to the ground. Men, those running behind her and those before her on horses had surrounded her.
She backed up as much as she could until blasts began to be shot at her. She took them, her body began to bleed, and her skin became sore. She fell to the ground with no strength, but enough to say the words “da ma la ca sin-o” she disappeared from there sight.
Yusagie felt her body slam into the ground, daylight attacked her eyes. She could see feet before her, then looked up at a pink man, who was a tad over weight and spikes formed from out of his head. Her body was still sore, but when she looked at her skin, there was nothing, not one cut, not one burn.
Yusagie stumbled to her feet as she stared down at her clothing. Shoulder pads protruded out, a brown skirt swayed in the wind, she recognized the saiyan boots she was wearing, and the Ginyu force logo upon her chest.
She stared at the pink fat man as he got up into her face, a green beautiful man stood behind him. “ Have you found any of the Dragonballs yet?” He said with fury.
“Uhhh no sir” She spoke back, almost too scared to even respond. The pink man, known as Dodoria, pushed Yusagie back into the grass.
“ Go find them! This is your last chance or I will kill you!” He screamed.
Yusagie nodded in fear, standing up she flew off into the air, hovering over planet Namek. She noticed this place for long ago, though it was not as destroyed like it was now. She then realized she had been saved for the time being by the gift from her father.
Yusagie continued ahead. Before her flames busted from the ground and the planet lit in flames, she fell back once again on her behind. She could sense others on the planet as well as the Ginyu force.
Planet Namek began to rumble, Yusagie looked around in fear, and she had no idea what to do. She knew this place was going to blow. Young Gohan grabbed her wrist. "Let's go," he yelled yanking her into a large space ship. She noticed this young child had Saiyan jet black hair and energy that was outrageous. Though she trusted him with her life at this moment.
Bulma hit a few buttons, and the ground beneath them shook violently. The space ship flew off planet Namek, within seconds of exploding.
Yusagie was frightened as she looked around her. Young Gohan, a small boy with dark hair, and a Saiyan uniform on. It scared her; she knew he must be a Saiyan.
Bulma, a young girl in her 20's, blue short hair, was nothing like Yusagie had seen before. Could she be human? Then a Namek. Lay on the ground, harmed and unconscious. A small Namek boy sat beside him quietly. She noticed the little boy. She could sense his kindness from somewhere long ago.
They all stared at Yusagie. She was not normal. She had the uniform of a member of the Ginyu force. Her eyes were bright blue, her hair long, dark, and silky. However, she was odd looking. Her ears pointed, tall, and her skin was green, patched of pink muscle on her arms and legs.
Gohan smiled as he politely walked up to her.
"Thanks you for saving me" she spoke quietly.
Gohan nodded assuringly. "Are you a Namek?"
Yusagie looked away, wrapping her arms around her body, sliding down the wall, to sit onto the floor. Gohan looked at her confusingly. Tears formed in her eyes before she realized what was going on. Gohan stared at her for a moment with a frown then turned to make eye contact with Bulma who shrugged. Yusagie didn’t look at him for the rest of the night, and fell asleep against the wall.
Yusagie suddenly awoke as the space ship hit the ground earth hard, tossing everyone around.
Bulma opened the space ship door. They had arrived back home, thank god. Young Gohan rushed out holding his mother tight as she waited for him. Yamcha smiled as Bulma ran to him, kissing him as if they had never met. Yusagie finally exited, along with piccolo next to her, and a small Namek beside him. He glared at her for a moment, and then looked away. Gohan smiled as he ran up to piccolo with excitement.
"Feeling better now piccolo?" asked Gohan.

Piccolo nodded. "So who was that woman?" piccolo grunted angrily.
Gohan shrugged. "Where is she?"
Piccolo turned around, only to see the young child Namek. The Namek woman was gone.
Yusagie sprinted through the town, where she saw things such as cars or people screaming at the sight of her green skin. She saw mountains ahead, and continued towards them, ignoring the irritating humans around her.
Her feet were bare from removing her saiyan boots in the ship. Sticks and rocks attacked her heels as she ran towards a spring of water, making it into the mountains. She arrived at a spring; quickly she washed her face wit the fresh water, and then drank a little. She did not know where she was, and knew no one here. Yusagie pulled off her armor; a brown top hidden beneath it covered her chest and torso. She continued to splash water in her face, her very dirty face. She splashed some on her arms then over her neck until she could feel the breeze cool her skin.
It felt like ice agenst her body. Relaxing her calmly, a busy day she has had.
Dee swam under deep into the cold water. Opening her eyes. For some reason dee could see under water clearly. Seeing all the wonderous creatures underneath. Some fish were fimilar looking, like the onces on planet earth. A few small clown fish. Jelly fish, even sea horses, but the sea horses had horns on there head.
Dee swam back up to the service, taking in a long breath.
She ran the cold water over her body, up and down her arms, down her neck over the gold shiny locket. She turned to stare at the large wall of falling water. She was astound on how beautiful the color was. A sparkling blue, mixed with a foam green. Dee stared at, then noticed something moving on the other side of it. The saying “ couriousity killed the cat” never accured to her.
She ducked under water then began to swim quickly to the waterfall.
She came back to the surface, breathing heavly. She bagan to walk out of the water, walking under the waterfall, having preasure pushed on her shoulder. Pushing her body down further towards the pond floor. Her back colliding into her spine.
Dee began to walk onto solid ground, reavealing her wet nude body full of water drops.
She had made it onto the other side of the water fall, a cave. A rainbow of lights reflected off of a cave’s walls. On the celling were stalagmites and stalagtites made of shiny clear crystal. With broken dimonds spead acrodd the ground. It was beautiful the walks were colored by the crystals of rainbow illusions.

Looking into the sky, seeing a tower in the distance. She knew of a story of a guardian of earth, and she was certain she was on earth. He could help her, no matter what.
Yusagie pulled her locket from her neck and opened it up, a holographic map appeared before her. The map she though would show her to were the guardian of earth was. She then realized this map was for another location, another planet, but where?
Yusagie stood up on her big toe. Her skirt swayed in the wind as she stared at the setting horizon. The napped breeze brushed through her endless dim hair, it was close to the end on the coldest summer afternoon. She hadn't felt a temperature like this in such a long While. Where she came from it always seemed Humid. Her People seemed dropped like flies while working in there fields. This place called earth, to her was so different. For she had not seen such creatures like this on her home planet. Some were uglier, some were more cute and others made sounds that were quite irritating. Such as the small critter whom was brown and had a bushy like tail. And seemed to enjoy climbing the earth trees. She hadn't seen grass gold during her lifetime. Her planet Had Fields of bluegrass and green stretched out for endless miles.

A place she had heard of many times from words of her father, Kami Tower. A place her father boasted much about in the past. As if it had been sacred or unspeakable.
Positioning upright, she leerked around, seeing vacancy. Glancing up into the sky, she felt energy rise below her feet; she cast up into the air, beginning to fly into the clear blue sky.
Over time, her energy began to decrease from the time she had began flying To Kami tower. The sun began to set into colors of dark blue, orange and sherbet pink, mixing into a bowl of sweetness called the sky. The sun shown only halfway, in a fractional ring. Kami tower hovered before it in the sky. She seemed so close to the large building, yet she still had some time before she arrived to the place of hope.
Her two petite bare feet landed on the frigid tile floor, which covered the entry way. The place has seemed to be bare; no one appeared to be present.
"Hello" she spoke cautiously as she took a few steps into the tower. "Hello?" She spoke a bit more vocal this time. Hearing her echo's cancel back to her.
"I wonder were everyone is?" The thought went through her mind as she continued to walk forward. The cold began to attack her bare arms, she yawned with fatigue.
"Hello" Said a more virile Voice somewhere in the darkness. She looked up seeing a man with the age of 60 in his face step out from the darkness. The wrinkles made his Namek skin appear more olive than it did fresh young green.
Past Kami, a taller more handsome man came through the doorway. His skin was a deeper green, not faded like Kami's. He stood straighter. His body was dressed in layers of a cape, a blue belt supported his waist and purple top and bottom covered his figure. He looked over at Yusagie. He knew he noticed her from somewhere.

Kami nodded to him, the turned to face the young woman once again. The taller man approached more towards Kami, standing behind him. "May I help you?" the younger man spoke, with a blank expression in his face.

She couldn’t help but smile and gaze over his body thinking, "I wouldn’t mind how you helped me" her face grinned evilly. Piccolo lifted up the ridge of his eyebrow as sweat rolled down his cheek, reading her mind thoroughly.” Yes" she nodded "I have come a long way from my home planet Tome. I have lived there all my life and never saw so many people die. I need your help guardian of the earth. My father said you could. Help me go back and destroy this army" she bowed before Kami.
I am the guardian of the earth." Kami smiled mildly. "I would help you but now I am so old and can fight no longer. My deepest regrets" he lour and bowed.
"He sure is old" piccolo mumbled under his breath, looking away from them both.
"What is that you say piccolo?" question the older man as he placed his hand onto his hip, and lifting his shoulders to stand back up from his bow.
"Nothing" piccolo grunted.
“He said you were old sir" Yusagie replied.
" WHAT?” piccolo screamed angrily, clenching his fists.
"Ok piccolo since you think I am ever so old and you're so young, you can help this young lady fight on her planet, and get some of your not so old friends too also help." Kami smiled evilly and closed his eyes.
"WHY YOU STUPID OLD MAN" Piccolo fangs began to show.
 Kami opened his one eye. "Well piccolo, if you hadn't been so arrogant, I wouldn’t have made you!" Kami nonchalantly spoke back.
"KAMI I OUGHTA." Piccolo began to approach him even more so.
The young girl ran in between the two quickly as she spoke so gently. “Please stop fighting I didn't mean to cause this" A door squeaked open from behind them all, they turned to see a man walk from it.
"Oh honey,” Said a large man, his body shaped perfectly round, and his skin black as charcoal, His cheeks rosy. "Those two have been fighting before the dawn of time, you didn't cause anything" he smiled reassuringly.

Piccolo growled as he stared at Kami, then the young girl. He noticed her body was green as well as his. Her ears were just as pointy; her legs had height and softness to them. She was tall. Her skirt reaching mid thigh, its brown color waved in the wind as her top covered all. Her breast large and plump. Almost perfect. Her eyes Deep blue, and her hair long and dark black, with a bit of sway at the ends. She was different than him in so many ways, yet he sensed Namek blood. 
Piccolo blushed lightly.
"Let's go girl" He began to approach the edge of Kami tower. "My name is Yokkosono, but you can call me Yusagie." She smiled and nodded.
"What ever" piccolo hissed as he sprung off the edge into the sky.
Yusagie looked at Kami as she smiled, nodded, then whispered thank you to him. Kami nodded back as she flew off after piccolo.

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