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Chapter One- The First Female of Namek
Chapter One- The First Female of Namek

It was the new Namek he lived on, and New Namek was the only planet Namek she knew of. A time where sexes joined forces against evil, and equality was most important. Though before she came along, life was different for the men on Namek. Their hearts began to rage and their seas began to boil. Hatred among men formed on this planet of green.

For Denda knew this was happening. That Pease was not among him, or his children in his later years. He stood staring into the distant field where is children worked. Wrinkles covered his face and his skin began to sag. It harvested a dark green rather then a fresh grass color, like the color he obtained as a child. He held his staff, the one that had been handed down to him from Kami when he lived on earth centuries ago.

“ Get out of my way.” A Namek man pushed another, for his brother had stolen his basket of crops. The chubbier young Namek hit the ground as he closed his eyes from the pain in his behind. Then slowly standing up he reopened his eyes with some rage.

“ What the Hell is your problem?” The chubby Namek shoved his tall thin brother back in the heat of day.

Denda took a deep sigh from inside his cold home. “Ohh my children he whispered, watching them from his window. Denda’s fat body sat as if he was Guru, the man whom created him all those years ago. His voice was still young, though his body wrinkled more then ever. He began to stare at his Namek village, what wonderful children he had. Though something had changed in them, for he could not find a way to assist his Namek children and make there hearts once pure again.

As Denda leaned back he began to think of the dear women from the future he once met. The one who changed the life of Piccolo and his friends back when they once lived. Denda rocked in his chair and hummed to himself in such a ponder. Then he smiled as he decided what he must do.

Days past enough for him to bare his last child on his own. His strength was low, but he knew he could do it. He had enough strength, enough unique strength to create such a being. He called his sons into his home, and one by one they came to see what their father wanted.

There, Denda sat, holding a small child. Some of his sons stood before him, other young ones insisted sitting on his lap. However they were, all attention was on this new being.

“I will call her Yoko” spoke the elder Namek as he held a young child Namek close. All the Namek men crowded around her with interest. Her eyes were much different then theirs, blue and bright, eyelashes came off her eyelids unlike theirs, and she had no brow ridge. Small peach fuzz formed over her head lightly. Though her skin was the same shade as theirs, alone with her protruding ears, they have never seen such a thing.

“What is it?” asked a little boy Namek, climbing onto Denda’s lap and reaching his hand to the baby. He laughed a bit reaching for her. Her tiny fingers gripping around his one large thumb.

“She is the first women of our race” Spoke the elder Denda. “I created her, to calm the souls of you men. Your tempers are out of hand. She is merely a tool to help you gain control of yourselves. Though she is only an experiment. It seems on earth the females give a big impact on the men there, hopefully she’ll do the same for you. An extraordinary women I once met influenced me. And I hope Yoko will Influence you. ”

As time went on, she grew. Into a young women, her breasts were not large, though it was obvious she had them through her cloak of purple. Her hair was short and shoulder length, and her eyes big and white with a blue sparkle that made heads turn.

Yoko that day, bent over, picking up flowers gracefully. She laughed at the sight of younger Namek girls try to be just like her. Picking up flowers as well. Her daughters, the ones she helped Denda produce in the short time. Though she was not with Denda in any romantic way, but she was brainwashed into knowing she was only a tool for that matter, as well as the young ones near her.

The elder looked up from his throne at a Namek man who stood strongly before him.

“My best warrior.” The elder Denda spoke “ You wish to be with, Yoko? As into love her? You know, she isnt to be treated like a person, though I know it's hard not to want too.”

The Namek man nodded “Yes. I have fallen deeply for her.” He stated as he stared out the window, watching her pull the Ajisa from the ground.

The elder pondered, “She has grown so much, along with the other Namek women. She is my first, and favorite women child.”

“She has made a large impact on us all elder. She has been successful on giving us a reason to fight, and clearing most of our darker Namek Brothers minds. She has made them almost pure again elder Denda. You're plan was successful.”

“You have my blessing Tye, to be with my child.” Nodded the elder Denda.

Tye walked out of the home owned by Denda. He saw Yoko walking across the field. Tye smiled as he called her name “Yoko!” He yelled. She turned her head to see him. She always made him smile, but this time she continued to run, Disappearing in the distance.

Tye gave a weird look, for he did not understand why she ran from him, But he was not waiting to find out why and quickly followed her.
Yoko began to walk inside a dark forest among the planet Namek alone. She could hear rushing water, and it was her favorite place to be. She called it Lillix Falls.

She pulled back a few branches, and a few thick ones flew back in her face, but slowly she made it to the waterfall. She would look up and see a hole in the mountains where the water fell from, it poured it’s self into a lake, where she loved to bathe and swim nude.

Though Yoko was not alone. Every time when she arrived, she brought fruit and bread with her in a brown wooden basket to feed this hidden women.

Along the lake a Girl sat, not much younger than Yoko. Her skin pale and white, nothing like the people from Namek. Her hair long and dark, almost a shade of eggplant covered her shoulders. She was dressed in a long black gown full of lace. Strapless and slim. Her eyes were large and the color of a dead human’s blood. Yoko found this girl months ago hiding in a cave, though she only knew of Lillix, no other Namek did.

Yoko slowly made her way to Lillix and sat beside her. Both of there feet splashing in the lake, and Lillix eating pieces of bread from Yoko’s Basket.

“It’s time for me to go back home.” Spoke Lillix.

Yoko looked over at her with some shock in her eyes. Lillix had not left this planet in years. “Are you sure you want to go back to your time?”

Lillix nodded “I doubt they are still hunting for me, and I can go back now. They most likely think I am dead.” Lillix removed her feet from the water, the breeze made them semi cold. She stood on her feetand looked down at Yoko. Yoko did the same, removing her feet from the ice cold lake. Her and Lillix were almost the same in size. Both very tall for women.

Yoko stared Lillix in the eyes and smiled “I will miss you. It was nice to have a lady friend around for a while”

Lillix smiled softly. “Thank you Yoko, for being my friend. For giving me food when I need it. I hope you fulfill your dream of having a little girl who isn’t used as a tool by the Namek Men. And finds someone who loves her.”

Yoko pulled Lillix into a long deep hug. Then they pulled away. Lillix reached out her hand, and in her palm was a golden locket.

“Do me a favor Yoko. Keep this close to your heart. Don’t let anyone have it and it will protect you for life”

Yoko Gasped as she grabbed the locket with her finger tips and quickly put it on her body. It dangled from around her neck, and was the first piece of jewelry she ever received and it made her day all the more joyful.

“It will be commanded in the Namek language. So if someone does get a hold of it. It will be hard for them to use it” She took a step back and smiled.

Yoko looked her up and down then smiled as well “Thank You.”

“Goodbye Yoko” Lillix Smiled.

“Goodbye” Suddenly the Locket began to glow a bright gold. Yoko looked down at it with amazement, then back up at Lillix who smiled and waved, then her body slowly disappeared.

“Yoko Yoko!” Screamed a young man’s voice. Yoko Spun around hearing the bushes bristle and seeing Tye’s Body struggle through them. She began to wonder if maybe she heard her speaking to Lillix, or maybe even saw her.

Tye stumbled to Yoko, he then finally caught his balance and looked at her with some irritation.

“Why were you ignoring me?” He asked approaching to her. “I called you many times and you looked right at me!”

“Oh sorry I must not have heard you” She knew darn well she heard him, for she was a Namek, and her ears were not meant to frame her face.

“It’s okay” He smiled and placed his hand upon her shoulder, then looked down at her chest, to see the gold locket dangling from it. “Where did you get that?” He questioned.

“Ohh—ahh.” She Hesitated to answer. “I found it in the lake.”

“That’s odd, I didn’t know gold was on our planet” He replied.

“So anyways!” She quickly changed the topic and grabbed his wrist leading him out of the forest and away from Lillix Falls.

It was that night no one expected would be the end of their race. It was a stormy night and Yoko could hear the thunder through the walls. She sat down on the edge of her bed and looked down at her child in the basket. Wrapped in white cloth and asleep. It was her child Tye, and the child she swore would be independent from this race. Tye and her had yet to have gotten married, but still created a baby together, and she gave birth to this one as a human women did.

Yoko bent over, touching her daughter’s cheek lightly, stroking it softly with her fingertips. Reaching behind her neck she removed the locket. She began to unravel her baby from the silk sheets until she viewed her nude body and placed it on her daughter’s chest. Slowly she wrapped her daughter back up.

“I rather you be safe Yokkosono than I be” Yoko stood up, that was when she heard screaming coming from outside.

Rushing down the hall and out through the doors, the rain poured down harder that it ever had on Planet Namek. It made the soil moist and puddles formed in the grass. She could hear the smacks between the ground and the rain. Men of all sizes ran around a fear, little children screaming for there lives and blasts coming from the east.

“PROTECT THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN.” Screamed Denda for it was the first time Yoko had ever seen him leave his throne, and protect his sons.

Men in armor similar to the Ginyu force stood around in laughter, shooting down her people one by one.

Yoko spotted Tye run past her as she grabbed a hold of his wrist, he quickled turn to face her.

“WHAT’S GOING ON?” she screamed, for she could hardly hear herself think over the noise.
“WERE UNDER ATTACK BY MOTE, THE SON OF FREIZA” He yelled back and looked behind him seeing his brothers being beaten. “I NEED TO GO FIGHT, PROTECT THE DRAGONBALLS” he quickly jerked away from her and ran into the large crowed.

The Dragonballs were not on her mind, the safety of her newest born child was her priority. Quickly Yoko ran back inside to see a man, who worked for the enemy standing before her.

“Looking for the Dragonball?” He laughed. His body was built, tall and his skin blue full of scales. She didn’t know what to say. Fear filled her blood. He lifted his hand to her face, before she knew it, her life was taken.

The blue warrior walked further inside, he could hear the cries of a child. He did not hesitate to walk into a room and removed the baby’s cloth from her body. He laughed for a moment and knew this is what he was looking for. Reaching out to her, he grabbed a hold of her body. Her screams triggered the locket, and it began a luminous glow. The warrior could feel the heat from it coming into his face; quickly he began to disintegrate as the locket blew him to pieces. Her body dropped to the floor and her screams became louder.

As time went on, only a few Namek were left to occupy the planet after that attack. The Namek won, but only by a short bit. For years they kept in hiding until the day five years later, they knew what was left of them had to at least try and fight.

Denda's best warrior then placed her down and stared at her for a moment. His little girl.

Tye knelt down to his daughter, placing his strong hand upon her shoulder. He reached out his other hand. Unfolding his fingers, he held a delicate gold locket. Yusagie gasped in excitement to her father’s gift. He didn’t keep it on her body after she was attacked, with him around, he knew she didn’t need it to protect her. But now he was leaving, and will not be there to save her.

“ Yusagie this locket is a tool. It gives you a map inside of a place where you can make any wish you please. It also is a gift of time Yokkosono. So don’t abuse it's power. It's hard for any being, even myself to get my hands on such a prize as this. I am going to war and I want you safe, so keep it close to you're heart.”

“Really?” she jumped up and down.

“Yes, and this locket also will help you get out of danger. But only use it when needed. Say the chants “da ma la ca sin-o” Now if I give this to you, you must only promise to use it when needed.”

Yusagie nodded “Of course." she spoke as she quickly snatched it from her fathers hand and put it on.
"Now Yokkosono." He looked at his daughter in the big blue eyes as she rocked on her heels back and forth staring back at her father. "You must promise me to be a good girl. Have a pure soul. Don’t let evil get into your mind, no matter where you are. Cause even a tear or some fear and make you're soul fall into darkness" He stood up, the strong man with his build chest, haw jaw square and masculant.

Yusagie nodded to her father as he began to walk off into the sunset with an army of Nameks. That was the last time she ever saw him.

Yusagie, one other Namek girl and a few Namek boys all stood before a few men from the Army of Mote.

“We are sparing your lives due to orders from our lord.” Spoke a very feminine faced man with long blonde hair, dressed in a uniform with armor over his shoulders and spandex the rest of the way down. Saiyan combat boots upon his feet.

“Your fathers and brothers have been killed, you will come with us on our ship to our planet, Tome. Now all of you, get up! Quickly before I decide I want to kill you.

Back then when the Men of Mote told her.“ Your father has been killed in the war, you must come with us” these words circled her mind for fifteen years.

“What’s that locket for?” ask a girl with blue skin in the most snobbish way possible. Yusagie remembered this from her child hood.

“My dad gave it to me. It has a map inside of it” Yusagie said with some fright, not knowing anyone else on the train to Tome tower.

“Of what?” another Namek girl with large glasses turned around in her seat at the age of five as well.

“To the Guardian of earth, were he can give me a wish.” spoke Yusagie.

“There’s no such thing, it’s a myth, my dad told me so” snapped the blue skinned girl.

“No..” Yusagie whispered in fear. She was certain her father was right about the guardian of earth and this place in which you can make a wish.

“maybe it is real” the other Namek girl sat up and spoke.

The train came to a sudden stop causing Yusagie’s small body to lunge forward. A large voice came over the intercom saying “please leave the train in a single file line and you will be directed as you get off. You will now serve Mote and Mote only, you are now one if his men, you will be assigned missions and you will complete them as followed.”

Yusagie opened her eyes twenty years later. She felt as she went to take a nap and she woke up and then she was twenty-five.

This was an important day to this School of Mote's Girls. An all Girls Mission home she had been forced to be apart of the second she stepped off the train and was forced by men of evil.

Yusagie got out of her bed and placed her uniform on, then made way, where she stood in front of the mirror adjusting the collar of her blue uniform.

“Does my uniform look alright?” asked the Namek girl with large glasses she met at the age of five
?Yusagie rolled her eyes “Yes Mimi, your blue uniform looks better then everyone else’s blue uniform.”

“Score” she said in excitement. “Today is a chance we might get promoted. I think you and Nami are going to become Mote’s assistants. You guys have worked the hardest, you’re so lucky. I wish I could be, I would give anything”

“ I don’t want to be promoted” Yusagie spoke in a monotone.
“What? Why not it’s a big honor?” Mimi spoke in shock.

“I just don’t want to work side by side with Mote. I would rather do the simple jobs I am given for the rest of my life” Yusagie sat on the bed, fixing the laces on her boots.

“You're so stupid Yusagie, being closer to him could make you anything, maybe even take his place one day. You would be so close to him. I’ve only seen him on TV. How would you love to rule planets?”

“I would be close to him hm?” Yusagie looked up from her laces.

“Yeah you could practically touch him. You know how much money you would be making?”

“ I don’t care about the money, I would rather be freed from him” Yusagie stood up walking towards the door of her corridor.

“ He is amazing Yusagie” Mimi gave a disgusted look. “We’re lucky to have such a great ruler, such a great man to take you in after our planet had been destroyed”

Yusagie slightly looked back at her “it’s sad, how he has brain washed you all.” Yusagie walked out her corridor, closing it behind her. Yusagie was a beautiful girl, strong like her father, and stubborn as well. Tall and slim like her mother, and long black hair that touched past her breasts. She had masculine arms and hips any girl would die for.

Her mind went black, these premonitions came to her quite often, forcing her to into the future and forget everything around her. She was somewhere else, she walked in a castle, and then around the corner, she saw herself standing there, as if her other half was ease dropping. She heard the words “ I killed Yusagie’s father for a reason. He told me she had the power to make the ultimate wish. He begged me for his life, told me he would work with her and I if I let him live. He gave me all the information I needed. Killing him would force her to work for me and I could use her power to my advantage. I was going to spare his life out of all the Nameks on that planet, But Nameks are a useless race. All I need is her by my side to finish doing what my father Freiza intended. Universal Domination.”

Yusagie was now back in the corridors, she could not believe what she just saw, or heard. She could not.

Seeing all the excited girls her age walking down the hall, arm and arm. They were heading for the ceremony just as she was , walking into a big auditorium, over two thousand girls were going to become soldiers, but only two were going to get to stand by Mote, at his side. She prayed to her father she was not one of them. For she prayed so hard.

She sat at the table with her name on it, along with her roommate Mimi and several other classmates of hers. A loud cough was heard over the microphone and the room became silent. Mote was an older evil looking man. His father, Freiza, was once known to be the terror of life, and he seemed to have followed in his foots steps. With glasses upon his face, his slim purple figure and long tail, he began to speak loudly.

“ Today we are here because you have all graduated Tome Men of Mote Academy” they all cheered wildly, some stood up and others whistled, Yusagie just clapped.

“ Now we understand that all of you have worked hard to get here, but we can only choose two, to stand by my side. And these two young women are….”
?The room was silent, girls held their hands, crossed their fingers, hoping it was them. “ Nami Kirimoto and Yokkosono Hart” he spoke loudly as every female stood up, some screaming with joy others crying in pain. Yusagie stood up and looked at her least favorite person, Nami and her blue skin, who just smirked.

“I knew it was you Yusagie I knew it” Mimi shook her arm with excitement. Yusagie tried to smile. Both her and Nami began to walk to the stage, shaking Mote’s hand, he then handed them a badge.

“ Report to me tomorrow morning to start your first assignment and get settled in” Mote nodded and Yusagie and Nami did back.

The night had fallen after long meetings with the Men or Mote and Mote himself. Yusagie walked into her room late seeing Mimi.

“ I KNEW IT I KNEW IT” Mimi jumped almost at Yusagie rather than towards her. “ You are going to be the first Namek to ever fight with him! Isn’t that great?!”

“Uh yeah” Yusagie reframed from jumping as well, throwing her badge onto the bed and undoing her clothing.

“ What the ******** is your problem? You will have voice in the kingdom now” Mimi sat.

“I know but, making this is good, maybe I can make changes” she smiled.

“Changes? This place is wonderful, why would you want to change it?” Mimi replied.

Yusagie looked at her in disgust “you’re just a robot” she shook her head. “Just like everyone else.”

Mimi glared at her as she removed her glasses “ As you’re best friend, I am telling you you’re dumb Yusagie, life is great. I am going to bed.” Mimi shut off her light and climbed under her covers.

“Night” Yusagie walked into her bathroom and shut the door.

“This is the last night my M&M” Yusagie closed her eyes and grabbed onto her locket. She began to whisper “Give me one more blast, for a chance to live a day in the past”
Opening her eyes a swirl of a black hole appeared before the bathtub. Yusagie stepped into it and ended up on Namek of the year 1978.

The bright day and beautiful grass on planet Namek, was always a sight to see. Yusagie snapped her fingers and ended up in a pink kimono with a pink mask over her eyes. She saw a blast in the distance. It was time, for her to kill some of Freiza’s henchman.

Landing at the village she saw several of Freiza's sayian warriors standing there with the elder Namek hostage. Their tails waved to the wind as the full moon almost arrived.

A young man jumped beside her, his face also being hidden behind a black mask. His outfit black and gold lettering on the back wrote “Demon Piccolo”
?A small Namek boy from the village pointed the piccolo and the woman "looks Dad! It's Mystery N and Mystery F. Our Crime fighters" he yelled loudly. The village began to cheer, as they came to there rescue. Oh how the Ginyu force reminded her of the Men of Mote. It was such a stress reliever for her to kill them off in this time.

Piccolo and the Namek woman nodded to one another as she whipped out a fan. He pulled out a large sword with his name engraved into its cold bold handle.
"Let's go" they both said together, charging the evil saiyans. Soon they were destroyed.

The third sun on planet Namek was up and she knew it was almost morning in her time. She hadent slept.
?“This is the last day I will see you.” She said to the Namek teen man, who turned and faced her in a gasp.

“Why?” he spoke with sadness.

“ I just wont be able to come, maybe one day I will return, but until then, I can’t come back for a while. Keep the peace here, fight for all you can to save this race.”

“ Will you tell me your name?” He asked.

Yusagie shook her head. “I’m sorry” she reached for his cheek and kissed him softly on his lips.

Behind her the black whole once appeared again. “Goodbye my M&M.” She let go of his hand as she was pulled into the darkness.

“Goodbye” He whispered.

Yusagie jumped back into her bathroom. Her heart stopped when she heard someone clear their throat.

Mimi stood in the doorframe and gave Yusagie a concern look. “ You want to tell me Yusagie?”

Yusagie sighed deeply “Only if you don’t tell anyone”

Mimi nodded as they both walked into their rooms to get dressed.
“So there’s a guy hm?” Mimi said evilly.

Yusagie nodded as she put on her new badge and uniform. “ I would not have told you this, but since this is our last day, it’s alright”

“You're gonna give Mote a good word for me right?” Mimi smiled.

Yusagie nodded “Yes I will recommend you”

“Thank you” she hugged Yusagie her last hugged, they said their goodbyes, and Yusagie and her case left the room and bored the train to Motes palace.

Yusagie entered the train and saw Nami sitting with a b***h attitude on her face. So Yusagie picked a different seat until they arrived at Motes.

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