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The princess and the pea

Have you ever felt like a pea? I know I do all the time. What do I mean by a pea? Why not corn? Or a banana?

In the story the princess and the pea, a pea is put under her mattress. She feels this pea all night. She tosses and turns and just cannot sleep because of the darn pea!

This story reminds me of the little things I do wrong sometimes. Me and someone I love like to tell little lies. Just tiny lies you know, ones that don’t hurt anyone. Anyone except you.

My lie was like the pea in the story. It was hidden and no one knew about it, but i could feel it and I couldn’t sleep because i was thinking about it, it bothered me.

When I confess my lies or I am able to tell them, I feel much much better. God doesn’t want us to lie, its a sin. When we confess our sins, god is not only happy with us, we feel much better.

Do you have any peas under your bed?

Leviticus 19:11, ”Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.”

Have a wonderful Holiday!

-Salandra smile

Summary: A prince is looking for a realprincess to marry and has searched all over the world to no avail. (One wonders where he was looking!) He returns home to his parents’ castle.

One stormy night, there is a knock on the door. The king himself answers, and finds a bedraggled girl seeking shelter. She claims to be a princess…a real one.

The queen is skeptical, but she has a test. She puts a pea (or three, depending on the telling), beneath an incredible amount of bedding. A realprincess would feel the pea.

The girl not only spends a fitful night, she is rendered black and blue by the offending pea(s).

And so the prince marries her!

-Hans Christian Andersen

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