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Welcome! x333
5/26/08 ~ Memorial Day Weekend, Laundry, Magic and Kiba-kun
Dear Journal-chan,

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! WOOO! rofl We didn't have school today, so Shlee-chan sat around the house in her pj's playing on Gaia, drawing, and playing Supah Smash Bros Brawl 3nodding Mahaha. My amazing friend Li-chan gave me Elemental Wings today eek It.made.me.HAPPY! x3 *huggles Li-chan*

I actually did my homework today. stare Stupid Troll...

Sasuke-chan and I called Kiba-kun today cuz he didn't believe we loved him anymore. xD It was funny. Sasuke-chan had him on a cell phone and called me from her house phone. Then she tried to get us to talk to each other, but we couldn't hear each other. o.o So I was mindlessly screaming, "AH LUFF YOU, KIBA-KUN!" while he didn't hear me at all. 3nodding It was pretty funny. :3 You had to be there, though. cool

I made a new friend today. Lin :3 *pokes her* She got me a sunflower bouquet 4laugh Ah feel suuu luffed.

Other than what I've done above, I did nothing exciting. O: ...But I /did/ finally get to making a wishlist. :3 It's small, but kewt. You should check it out ;D *nudgenudgewinkwink*

At the moment of typing this, Shlee-chan has fabric softener in her bangs sweatdrop I was doing laundry. I didn't realize it...now it won't come out. e.e; ...But on the bright side, meh hair smells like lilac shampoo and...fabric softener smell! sweatdrop

Oh, and I hit 2k gold today. xDDDD That's so small, but it took me all week.

Aannddd, I got a magical stump...box...thing o.o Randomly. I clicked on it and I got bloody hand tiles for my house...which I sold >.> They creeped me out. lol

Li-chan gaved meh a wolfie, too! ;.; Ah luff her suuu much *hugglies Li-chan* ARIGATO TIMES Q! x3

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Fuhrer Edward Elric
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jun 04, 2008 @ 12:05am
Calling Kiba-kun was awesome. except i would yell at u and he thought i was yelling at him which made me even more mad at u xp . i luff kiba-kun, he hasn't been on on like 2 days, i miss him lol

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