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Welcome! x333
5/25/08 ~ Bad Day
Dear Journal-chan,

So exhausted X.x Like I predicted, I couldn't get on yesterday. Oh well...it just added to the bad day. stare

I didn't get to see Bri-Z-chan at all. I dunno where she was, but she wasn't there. emo

I had to stay in the hospital for like, 2 hours ._. I'm so afraid of hospitals. It makes my clothes smell sterile. lawl. xD

Meh cell phone is.a.FREAK! First, my ringtone for my text messaging goes off, but when I open my phone, nothing's there. But of course, it keeps right on playing the ringtone, so I had to shut it off. I tried turning it back on, and it took it like, a minute to figure out I was pressing the button. scream FREAK! Then, later that day, I shut it off and it wouldn't turn on at all! gonk I plugged it into the charger, and it wouldn't even react. I had to take out the battery and put it back in. e_e Also, my sis and I have the same kind of phone, and yet she can get like, 3 more bars than I can in my house. stare Every time I use it, I have to stand outside. x.X SO ANNOYING!

Shlee-chan's toe hurtz D: She stubbed it. Owww.

On the bright side, I have officially beaten Trace Memory twice in 3 days. 3nodding I got skizzelz. Oh, and I not sick no mores 4laugh YAY!

btw, I'd like some comments X.x; I feel so alone on this site. xDDD

Also also also! I got the Bullseye shirt from pinball today! rofl I got skilllzzz :B I'm so proud of myself. xD

Aaannddd, I ran around the Gaia town and grabbed 50 pieces of blue paper and made me a HAT! 3nodding It.is.GORGEOUS! dramallama

And I drew this water lady person at 10 at NIGHT! 8D I FEEL SO...NOT....TIRED! rofl rofl rofl *runs around and flails arms amazingly*

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