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My life
Just the random rabblings of a highschool student. Read if you want
Tuesday June 3rd, 2008
My life isn't fantastic, far from it. Stress has really gotten to me. It's kinda pathatic, my best friend happens to be someone I never met face to face. But with how many immature people I see face to face every day, can you blame me? Grade nines are completely immature, how the teachers handle them I'll never know.

Exams are coming up very quickly, and I'm piled on with culminating activites. Things are rather stressful at the current moment, I'm used to relaxing around this time of year, not buckling down doing a s**t load of work... not to mention my rat broke his neck sunday, and I've had a cold all weekend, and still have it, which sucks.

I seriously need to start working on my Geography and Pys. Ed culminating... but I can't seem to find ether one, and I'm sure I put it in my locker... and my locker is next to empty... Speaking of locker, someone paint balled it in the middle of the year... why, I have no ******** clue. It was also this really bright neon pink... really really weird. I'm just glad I got my string testing over with earlier, or else that would be another thing to be stressing about... Grah! So much stress... why? Beats me. I seriously need to calm down...

Well it's not exactly easy being an in the closet gay in a school full of homophobes, you don't know what they would say if they ever found out... and they tend to be too immature so I wouldn't even try to come out of the closet in that school. I may not act it, but I am in reality very shy. Being a loner, that would only force me out of the crowd even more, and seeing how much stress I have now, it really wouldn't be a good idea to add anymore, right?

I ask too many retoricel questions... way too many. I'm also filled with way too much useless information. I also suck at spelling... I know words that in my life time, I'll never be able to spell them without the help of a spell check... and I am actually writting this not even looking at the computer screen... it's kinda weird if you think about it... comercials... they are so stupid... What is the point of a lot of these... I can see why you'd want to adviertise, but it takes up too much time. It takes time away from the show, and adds too much supense. And also the same commericals keep repeating and repating, year after year.

Well I should end my rant for today... I'll most likely be writting in here tomorrow, I need to get out my emotions more.

Ta ta for anyone who bothers reading this...
~Lady Red Death

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