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My life
Just the random rabblings of a highschool student. Read if you want
Thursday, June 5th, 2008
I know I missed writting wednesday's, long story. Actually, it isn't, basically I didn't want my mother reading over my shoulder... she spazzes over the smallest issuses I have and this, well, is one of the few ways to relive my minor issues... and to remind me what it was like in the past.

It seems I am going through an ALW phase... Andrew Lloyed Webber. My counclier thought he was gay and looked like a short elf... I laughed at him, right out laughed... Oh well, the smallest things amuse me. Speaking of my counciler, he ******** annoys me, this man most likely in a mid life crisis, partly balding, who seems to want to know everything about me! He asked if I had a boyfriend and the balls to then ask me why not! You see I play fight with this one guy in my class, no crush, nothing, we're just good buds... and he asks me if I'm dating him! If I was, it isn't any of his ******** buiness! GRAH! I hate people like that. P.S. I'm not if you didn't get that before... and I'm gay... I like girls... you know the kind that lack a d**k, and sometimes have bigger boobs... I've seen some guys with man boobs... so... erm... yeah...

I finshed my Geography culminating today. Or was that yesterday? Yesterday, I handed it in today, that's right. Forgot about the gym one... again. Today had to be the most akward day for a dance. A thursday, when we are studying for exams and doing culminating... a ******** thursday when everyone is busy... ha ha ha... Almost no one went, well, including me, important notes in math and science, can't afford to miss it. Last day of classes is the 13, yes friday the 13th, they could of done the dance on the 12th right? Wouldn't that make more ******** sense?! Oh well.

Hmm, I can't think of anything else to write, so tata for now folks, if anyone is reading that is...


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