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My life
Just the random rabblings of a highschool student. Read if you want
Chapter one
Chapter one: Straight Jackets And Needles

It was a rather dreary day outside, but one woman had no idea if it was sunny... or rainy. She wouldn't even know the day of the week if it wasn't for the needles and medications the doctors around her insisted on giving her. Whom might this woman be? Well besides the doctors around her, no one else would know her name... Her name just happened to be Kelli... Kelli Ruebenim.

Kelli let out a rather long, drawn out sigh, glancing around her room. For 15 years, these white padded walls and those white sterile doctors was all she knew. The overly clean smell of them drove her nuts. She wanted one of them, even just one to have a faint oder of anything but the non-scented soap they used day after day. She struggled slightly in her straight jacket, trying to find a comfortable position. She wasn't a threat to herself, but a great threat to others. Years ago they made the mistake of allowing her to be in her room without it... and found for an eleven year old girl, she was quite capable of causing a large amount of pain. The only time she had it off was when they gave her a sedative to knock her out to bathe her.

Kelli glanced down at the floor, counting the wrinkles in the padding caused by her standing on it, only to loose track when the door opened with a soft click. "Miss...Ruesim? Ruebium? Ah, Ruebenim, my apologizes." A doctor she had never seen before said with a nervous laugh, eying her wearily.

Kelli blew a strand of her black hair out of her face. Her hair had grown quite long since she was first committed, but she didn't mind it, so they didn't bother cutting it. She cleared her throat, uncertain how her voice would sound being so out of use. "You're... new..." She said, her voice gruff and dry.

"Ah yes." He said with a smile, brushing a strand of his messy brown hair behind his ear. "Doctor Lerin will be retiring soon, and they want me to take over attending to you. I've never had to deal with a werewolf before, and was eager to take the opportunity." He said with a nervous smile, scratching the back of his neck nervously. He glanced around the bare white room. It seemed as only he and Kelli had color.

Kelli snarled slightly, seeming very unamused. "Just because I'm a werewolf... doesn't make me an experiment or side show..." She said with a growl, her gray eyes glassy in the florescent light. She flipped her hair back, only for it to fall into her face again.

"Well, I'm well aware of that, you didn't need to tell me. It's just I never worked with such a..." The young doctor stopped, seeing the look she was giving him. If looks could kill, he would be dying a slow painful death by now. "Anyways, my name is Simon Secil, or Dr. Secil." He said with a nod.

"Lemme guess, middle name Orion or something?" Kelli said, an unamused look on her face. Not only was she in a straight jacket, but she had been strapped to the wall.

Dr. Secil let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his head again. "Sadly, yes... that is my middle name... parents had a weird sense of humor... S. O. S... I don't know why the thought that would be a good set of initials for a child..." He said with a short sigh. "Anyways, today we are to be trying a new medicine along with the transformation stopper, and the 'mellow yellows' as my fellow doctors call them." He said with a short dry laugh.

Kelli shot another dirty look at him, then turned her attention to the floor. 'Day after day, these unneeded things are forced into me... day after day I cannot run free and rid the people who my father warned me about... day after day I am stuck to this humanized form waiting for the day I can run free...' she thought glumly as Dr. Secil inserted the first needle, the needle containing the TS (Transformation stopper) as they called it for short. They tried to give her mainly needles, finding it easier to stick something in rather then trying to avoid rather sharp teeth, or have it spit back at them.

Kelli gave a low growl, her eyes going golden slightly before going back to their normal gray again.

After two more needles, and now one mellow Kelli, Dr. Secil decided to take his leave, the door clicking quietly behind him.

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