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my stories

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how long would u be here......answer the test!
How far would you follow me?
A. To the ends of the earth
B. Until everyone else leaves you
C. Until I get bored with you
D. Other (must say)

How long would you hang around with me?


Would you...

leave me b/c thats what everyone else is doing?

you leave by me when I'm upset?

you keep me from harm?

you give your life to save mine?


What would you do to some one who is...
Hurting me (physically)?

Hurting me emotionally?


What would you do if I...

told you I never wanted to see you again?

Told you I loved you?

Was crying?

was mad at you?

was on drugs?

was drunk?

was hurting myself?

stopped talking to you for no apperent reason?

said I was running away from home?



Please put this on your pro so I can answer the same

continued from last page....
Am I sweet?-
Am I crazy?-
Am I lovable?-
Am I funny?-
Am I ugly?-
Am I psycho?-
Am I annoying?-
Am I a good person?-

2)******Would You******
Hug me in real life?-
Kiss me in real life?-
Miss me if I was gone?-
Listen to my problems?-
Hug me if I cried?-
Be a good friend (Both)?-

3)******If You Could...******
Give me a new name it would be (Real Life)?-
Do one thing with me it would be (Real Life)?-
Drop me one piece of advice it would be (Both)?-

4)******Just A Few Questions******
What do you like about me? (Both)-
What do you think about me? (Both)-
What is my best quality? (Both)-

5)******This Or That******
Shy or Loud?-
Ugly or Cute?-
Friendly or Mean?-
Weird or Normal?-
Smart or Stupid?-
Cool or Uncool?-
Friend or Enemy?-
Mature or Immature?-
Creative or Copy-cat?-
Sweet or Sour?-

And lastly...
1. Who are you?-
2. Are we good friends?-
3. Do we know each other in real life?-
4. Will you put this in your journal so I can say good things about you?-

Number 2

1. what would u do if......
...i was desperate?
...i'm upset?
...i'm mad for no reason?

2. if u could....
...rename me, what would it be?
...kill me, would u do it?
...love me, would u?

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