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my stories

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My Guardian Angel II
The bathroom was empty when I walked in. Good I liked it that way. I set my purse on the counter were the sinks were. The bathrooms were shaped like public restrooms. You know the ones at the really nice gas stations. I took a few minutes a looked at myself in the mirror. I straightened my hair out a little; it wasn’t working to will with staying in place. So I took out my brush and a hair tie. I put the hair tie loosely on my wrist. I brushed all of the knots out of my hair and then I brushed it back. I pulled the hair tie over my hand and tied my hair up. My bangs fell over my eyes and I pushed them to the side. I put my brush back in my bag. I liked the bathroom, it’s odd I know but it’s so quiet. I can actually think clearly.
I hopped up onto the counter; I started to dig around in my purse. I was looking for my pill bottle, I found it but the thing is that it was empty. I sighed and put it back into my purse. “Great…” I said to myself. Now I have to go to the office and get more of my medications. I didn’t really feel like going to the office, but I didn’t have any choice. My head felt like it was going to bust open any minute. I slid off the counter and grabbed my purse. I walked out of the girls’ bathroom, and I began to walk towards the office.
The hall was really quiet; all I could hear was muffled thoughts of teachers and students inside their classrooms. All was good until I heard a boy’s thoughts, around the corner. I ignored it. I turned the corner and something slammed into me. I fell back and hit my head on the ground. I felt kind of dizzy; I heard a guy’s voice. “Hey! Hey!? Are you okay, miss?” I started to sit up, the something was helping me you. “Hey there take it easy… Are you alright? Do you need the nurse?” I wasn’t really paying attention to what the guy was saying. I was paying more attention to that fact that my head was throbbing. “Ow…” I groaned. The guy picked me up into his arms. “Wha-What are you doing?” I didn’t like to be picked up especially by someone I didn’t know. My vision was blurred, because I was looking through my eyelashes

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Sun Feb 07, 2010 @ 03:06am

(not part of the journal but)

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