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Warning, Contents are highly unstable!!! *Read at your own risk*
I'll add whatever comes to mind + A couple of RP starters.
RP starters....
RP starter 1...
Going with the rippling pain, and the trembling I ran. Running far away till my paws bleed. Till I couldn't hear anyone following me. Till I couldn't even hear my own howl of pain....Meanwhile during my temporary excape I replayed everything in my mind.

*Watching him with fear and a terifying exceptense. I sat there wondering if he would make it out...In the back of my mind I had to remind my self that I wasn't suposed to care. I was suposed to be opposed of this barbaric, and anceint ritual. Allthough I watching
him with cold interest, watching him dance away from danger with grace. Then deliver pain in his next move. I yelped when I relised that he had won and I ran to the edge of the forest as everyone celebrated and howled at Wyatt's victory. Changing back to my human form I dressed quitely until I relised I didn't want to go back out there. I
didn't want to watch/particapate in the bitches fight...I didn't want to fight for Wyatt. So I un-dressed fast and changed, then ran back towards home. Yet I heard someone following me, so I stepped it up until I didn't hear the pawsteps behind me.*

I liftted my snout to the air and smelled the wind, when I didn't smell anything I sighed relived. My first thought was: 'I must have out run them'. I was the fastest runner in my pack, next to Wyatt. Mostly because my father had been the last pack leader, and my
mother had been the head b***h. I found a cave and laid in it, waiting for exughstion. In truth...I was only delaying the inevitable. I knew I would have to go back, and face the pack. And give up what my mother gave up a long time ago, the only difference between
her and I was. She was in love with my father, and I wasn't in-love with anybody. I didn't want to be. I hoped I'd never have to. I fell asleep softly and I didn't dream, which was strange for me. But it was probably because I didn't think I had anymore dreams left, that could come true.

RP starter 2...
Placing my hand the frosty windowpaine and I wondered why Danny and him were still friends....They fought all the time, they were so different it wasn't even funny. Yet, they were still friends through all of it. He was over all the time and he was so differnet for my older brother I couldn't help but like him. It wasn't like I'd ever tell anyone.
I laid my cheek against the window reveling in the numbing coldness. The were like fire and ice.......
I watched them walk up to the house and I turned around quickly and started, "washing" the dishes. Listening to the mud room door close, I took a breath. "Hey, are you coming in?"

RP starter 3...
As the sun shone high in the Sky,
I hide...
Uncertain if anyone other than birds or squirrels were roaming about(cause who'd want another "loose end", that I'd have to 'take care of')
Who cares, I thought.
So I took the chance and ran...

About five miles later I came across a Mansion. I wondered for about a second who might be hiding in there and then I burst out with hysterical laughing.
'But who could be any danger to me?!' I thought feeling another round of hysterics fillings my lungs. The mansion was astounding, maybe it was a little run down. But I could just sense the dark beauty it once held. I raced up the steps with a quick panther like grace. I studied the door with 'intense like' concentration and I knocked.

RP starter 4...
Sand whipping around her face didn't even bother her for once, yet underneath her calm facade. Was a casam of burning fury, which she hid perfectly. Smoothing her dark silk like hair, and brushing of her clothes futilely. Frowning at the door, she knocked. The storm setled around her slowly, and her eyes opened widely. Showing her violet color, and she moved her hair so her pointed ears showed easily. Gasping frustratedly, she furrowoed her brows and knocked on the door to the pale adobe house. Croaking out a small, "Hello?" Made her purse her cupid bow lips, tapping her toe impaitionly. Paitions, she snorted thinking about the word. She barley knew the word, it was the one thing she had never learned. Mainly because it's something you can't
easily teach to yourself. Bitting her lip hard feeling the wind start to stir again, she knocked again more franticly. "HELLO?!!"

RP starter 5...
Watching clouds pass by I relaxed into the warm, crisp, green grass. I too a deep calming breath, the air smelled clean with the sweet scent of grass and wild flowers. Pulling my knees to my chest, I murmured, "Perfect." While I still laid on my back, the wind blew softly and it disturbed my long blond curls. I had used to hate how wild it was....Till my life started to spin out of control. When I had started to change...When I realized the thing monster I had become. I learned to love my hair, it made me feel innocent. Fresh.......Most of rll it had been one of the things that hadn't changed about me. Ever since I became a ______. [Vampire, or a Lycan/Werewolf]

RP starter 6...
I, was as tired as I could be. I could literally sleep on a bed of nails right now and not care, so long as I could close my eyes. Carla had been in labor for eight hours now and even though I really wanted to stay awake, I couldn't. My eyes closed lightly meanwhile my head fell to the side. Suddenly, it fell on the shoulder of the man next to me gently. I nuzzled his shoulder lightly, as I began to drift to sleep, not even knowing the man next to her. Not even realizing what I was doing. I knew he was here for Carla but I didn't know, why he was really there.

I had tried to meet all the new people, but hadn't yet. I slept silently and peacefully, my body resting against the couch and my head against his shoulder oh so gently. I dreamed of Carla holding her new little baby. Just then, the nurse came in and told everyone that the dilation was up to nine. I was awoken by the news and realized my head had been on the man's shoulder. I flushed dark dark red. Once the nurse left, "Oh. I am so sorry. I...um...didn't even know you were there." I looked down lightly and let my long blond hair fall around my face and cover my blushing.

RP starter 7...
I sat there feeling rough steel bars that encased me.
I cried as I thought of all the things I never would get to do.
Because escape had proved futile and I was to be taken soon for my punishment for my failed escape attempt.

When the guard came He laughed when I flinched, as he dragged me by auburn hair. I mean while I bite him and run.
I get 6 miles and then...

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