Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday!
Today is Thanksgiving and so I say to all give Thanks for all you have the things you love and even the things you hate,

Give Thanks On Thanksgiving
By disneyqueen14

Give thanks on thanksgiving because even if you don’t love what you have do you know what it wood be like if you didn’t have it?, Do you love you’re family?, Do you love you’re life?, Do you love anything or anyone?, Have you given thanks lately for your family?, For the love and support they give you?, win was the last time you sad “I love you”?, or sad “thanks you for dinner it was really good”?, and tell me win was the last time you sad “thanks you thank you for everything”?,
so on thanksgiving give thanks for your family for your mother, and father, for your ants, and uncles, for your cozens, for your grand parents, for your brothers, and sisters, give thanks for the support they give you give thanks for there Love Give thanks on every day give thanks on thanksgiving give thanks for what you have because it may not seem like much to you but to another it may be a fortune to another it may be a dream life to another it’s a perfect life even if its not to you so always give thanks on thanksgiving.

I wish a happy thanksgiving to all may you enjoy this story I wrote may you enjoy this day may you live long and happy lives with love and joy in every day happy thanksgiving to all.