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Touketsu Aneikage
~User Data~

Full Name: Touketsu Aneikage
Nicknames: -Undecided-
Famous Shinobi Name: -None For Now-
Village: Amegakure
Clan: Aneikage
Kekkei Genkai: Yuukangan
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 01/26
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Caucasian
Rank: B Ranked Jounin
Chakra Element(s): Lightning and Wind
Chakra Color: Amber
Weapon of choice:Twin Blades of Lotus
Shinobi Profession:B Ranked Jounin.

User Image

He is clad in black, tight fitting, but not too tight.


Headband: Forehead, covering his left eye[for two reasons]
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Black with Crimson Streaks
Eyes: Amber
Clothing: A tight fitting black shirt that is a little revealing of his biceps, with snug fit black pants, the twin elbow blades hanging on his lower back. Sometimes a full face mask depending on the severity of the mission.
Physical Description: The two most Noticeable features are his deep Amber eyes and the scar that leads to his left brow ridge and follows to his left cheek. An athletic Build, and a dark complexion. Decent biceps with well toned and defined abs.

Personal Shinobi Information

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 145 Lbs

Personality: Laid back, except when competition is about. Trust is a key issue with Touketsu, and it's not easily given. Touchy and cold when it comes to his past. Quite a large flirt, and has been known to in the midst of a spar.

Nindo: When I dare to use my strength in the service of my vision, it becomes less and less important whether I'm afraid, for victory is at the end of my vision, and there should be no doubt in mind to reach it.

Personal Skill: Incredible speed with allotted precision and accuracy. [Trains everyday] Almost unbelievable when he was at Genin Level.

Background History: Touketsu's history is shrouded with torment and disdain, and is very touchy for him. As a child there was constant fighting in his family. Every problem in the household was always blamed on Touketsu, and every night, if lucky at least two things would be broken. To get away from it, Touketsu practiced shuriken and kunai training, as well as using Elbow blades.

Family: Was troubled with constant distress and always blamed Touketsu for the problems. The constant fighting and breaking of items in the house drove Touketsu's older sister to insanity, and later suicide, even that was blamed on Touketsu.


Main Theme

Main Combat

Going All Out[Combat]

Has an Odd OCD about Odd Numbers, yet prefers an Even for his primary. Loves Pudding. He has a thing for pretty girls, and has a secret crush on the Amekage

~Clan Information~

~Clan History~
The Yuukangan seems to be kin to the Sharingan and the Byakugan, though its abilities are quite different from both. It seems to have originated in the mist village and there's even a myth to how it was created. It apparently came from a sinister man who was filled with dark ambitions and wanted to plague the world with perpetual chaos. It just so happens that this man had Uchiha blood in his veins and when he awakened his Sharingan it was instantly distorted by his evil; thus the Yuukangan was born. Though it does seem a bit far-fetched, it's true that members of the Aneikage can be dark sometimes, but all in all they ae considered to be neutral as far as alliances go. It seems that this clan retains a portion of it's
Sharingan power, the Genjutsu portion, to be exact. They can see through any Genjutsu, copy most Genjutsu and reverse them as well. Naturally the Yuukangan is what gives them the ability to use thier techniques and helps them resist Genjutsu, but as they age they gradually develop hemophilia; which is a good thing for the wise members of the clan, but is a great downfall to the reckless ones.

~Kekkei Genkai Explanation~
Aside from this the Aneikage's real ability is manipulation of blood, with it, the possibilities are nearly endless. They have the ability to form blood into a solid matter and use it as a weapon, weather it be a Scythe, or a sword, whip, or even kunai. They can even do nifty things with their opponents once they are able to get some of their own blood into their targets blood stream; there's a unconfirmed rumor that if someone is 'poisoned' with the blood of someone in the Aneikage Clans blood, their blood will rush to their eye sockets and moments later their eyes will explode. The members of this clan can also manipulate their opponents blood, but only when it is spilled. They also have the ability to manipulate any object their blood is spilled on, usually the object is levitated and used as a projectile. They can can even mix their blood in water and 'Falsely' manipulate it. A drop of blood contains enough chakra to manipulate an once of water. But this Clan isn't without it's faults, they have an natural inability to use Taijutsu, and due to the heavy concentration of chakra applied to their blood, they have a relatively low chakra supply available, lastly, their manipulation is directly related to the amount of blood being applied to the situation. It is rumored that in a suicide move, the first Aneikage slit his wrist and drained his blood into an ocean and used an entire see to decimate an entire village until his veins ran dry.



Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Shushin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique
Static String Technique Seiteki Suji no Jutsu [E Ranked]
Electricity Resistance Training Teikou no Kuntou [E Ranked]

Wind Clone Kaze Bunshin [D Ranked]
Chakra to Blood Transfer Two [D Rank]
Current Transfer Skill Nagare Isou no Jutsu [D Ranked]
Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt Technique Raiton: Raikou Boruto no Jutsu [D Ranked]

Wind Release: Air Riding Fuuton: Tei Hakusha [C Ranked]
Blood Rain Technique Ketsueki Furu no Jutsu [C Rank]
Lightning Release: Lightning Blast Technique Raiton: Raikou Hitofuki no Jutsu [C Ranked]
Points: 12

Summoning Technique Kuchiyose no Jutsu [B Ranked]
Wind Release: Wind Dragon Fuuton: Furyuu no Jutsu [B Ranked]
Wind Release: Tornado Trap Fuuton: Tatsumaki Wana [B Ranked]
Points: 8

Wind Release: Assassin’s Rush Fuuton: Kyoushu no Tosshin [A Ranked]
Chain Lightning Technique Rensa Raikou no Jutsu [A Ranked]

Hands of Torture Hando no Semeku [S Ranked]

Points: 5

False Place Technique Kokohi Arazu no Jutsu [D ranked]
Shinobi's Requiem Indou no Shinobi [S Ranked]
Yuukangan Demonic illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth ChangeYuukangan Magen: Kyoten chiten [S Ranked]
Points: 6


Miscellaneous Skills:


Kenjustu: N/A

Juin: N/A


Yuukangan is Unlocked.

Total Points: 41 [9 left over]

NOTE: I was too lazy to make another heading saying "Clan's Techniques", which would be so much easier than explaining this, but, laziness isn't without it's flaws of confusion. Anyway, All techniques that are listed as "Secret techniques" are original clan techniques

[D Ranked]
Chakra to Blood Transfer Two -- User turns Chakra into blood - Two times the amount of Chakra is used to create the needed blood.

[C Ranked]
Blood Rain Technique Ketsueki Furu no Jutsu -- User Draws some of his blood and it combines with the water in the atmosphere and creates a rain of his own blood. The rain spans a twenty meter radius of the user. This technique is needed only if an elongated battle is predicted.


Twin Assassins Blades
Explosive Tags(25)

Trip Wire(25 Feet)
Chakra Pills(7)
Blood Plasma Pills(7)
Coagulant Powder(5 Packs)
Smoke Bomb(3)


Pact: Mujina (Badger)

A Couple of the Stronger Summons:
All badgers have the ability to change size to average badger animal size (which is the size of the youngest of the Mujina summons) and their greatest size depending on their age.

Aozawa [S Ranked]
User Image

Aozama, or Ao (Pronounced Ey-oh) is probably the most fierce of the Badger pact. He is quite stern, with strength to match. Lacks a sense of humor. Ao, is Earth, Fire, and Wind adept. Knowing a large amount of Jutsu, and with an even larger chakra compacity to back it up. It is fabled that Aozama is equal in strength to Shukaku. However, it's long been a while since Aozama has needed to use his full strength.

Senwa [A Ranked]

Senwa is one of the Badger Mystics, using Genjutsu at her disposal, mixed with her lethal poisons, in her claws, one glance into her eyes, if you're an enemy that is, and death ensues. She is weak in the arts of Ninjutsu, but as a badger, brute strength is still a plus in case her genjutsus don't work.

Aeromyn [A Ranked]
Aeromyn is one badger that only the desperate dare to summon. Aeromyn has a volatile temper, and younger brother of Aozama. However, Aeromyn resembles that of a corpse of a badger, his eyes hollow, but his teeth ever so sharp, and his claws as wells. Taijutsu is his specialty, with sharp bones jutting from his back, be warned for some surprise attacks. Has a high regeneration rate for broken and removed bones.

[Lesser Summons]
(All the lesser summons look like Honey Badgers, despite the name, they are quite volatile, yet strong, none are larger then actual badger size.)
Talos - Tracker
Taryn - Tracker
Hyrock - Messenger

Strength Rank:C
Speed Rank:S
Stamina Rank:A
Defense Rank biggrin
Chakra Level:A
Chakra Control Level:B

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