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Senkusha Hakkyou

Full Name:Senkusha Xero Hakkyou
Nicknames: Sen
Famous Shinobi Name: Sanity's Eclipse
Age: 23
Birth Date: February 3rd
Gender: Male
Sex Orientation: Straight
Race: Caucasian
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: A-Ranked Jounin

Shinobi Profession: Interrogator and Strategist

Major Shinobi Information:

Bloodline: [N/A]
Current Bloodline Stage: [N/A]
Summoning Animal Type :
Chakra Color: Luminescent Silver
Chakra Element: Lightning and Water
Weapon of choice: HyouzinRyu - Diamond Uchigatan
Special Abilities: Real Time Strategy. [Unknown but he has a volatile split pesonality.]
Strength: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu And his Questionable Insanity
Weakness: Genjutsu
Side Note: The Split Personality increases Senkusha's Speed and Strength with the draw back of extreme amounts of exhaustion and desperate need of medical attention after wards.

Technique List:


Body Flicker Technique - Shushin no Jutsu E Ranked
Transform Technique - Henge no Jutsu E Ranked
Clone Technique - Bunshin no Jutsu E Ranked
Electricity Resistance Training - Teikou no Kuntou E Ranked

Current Transfer Skill - Nagare Isou no Jutsu D Ranked
Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt Technique - Raiton: Raikou Boruto no Jutsu D Ranked
Lightning Transformation Technique - Raikou Henge no Jutsu D Ranked
Temporary Body Paralysis Technique - Kanashibari no Jutsu D Ranked

Violent Water Wave - Mizurappa C Ranked
Hidden Mist Technique - Kirigakure no Jutsu C Ranked
Breathing Underwater Technique - Suimenka no Kisoku C Ranked
Water Puddle Transportation - Mizutamari Yusuo no Jutsu C Ranked
Water Reflection Clone Technique - Mizukaisou Bunshin no Jutsu C Ranked
Lightning Release: Lightning Instantaneous - Raiton: Raikou Shunshin C Ranked
Hidden Needles - Fukumi Hari C Ranked

Water Prison Technique - Suirou no Jutsu B Ranked
Water Body Clone Technique - Mizuhada Bunshin No Jutsu B Ranked
Water Release: Water Cannon Technique - Suiton: Suihou no Jutsu B Ranked

Water Release: Water Torrent Technique - Suiton: Suise no Jutsu A Ranked
Chain Lightning Technique - Rensa Raikou no Jutsu A Ranked
Pure Lightning Kunai Technique - Junsei Raikou Kunai no Jutsu A Ranked

Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique - Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu Water S Ranked
Spark of Insanity S Ranked



Personal Shinobi Information

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 223 Lbs
Personality: Insane, and determined.
Personal Skill: His IQ and Insanity
Favorite Food: Cabbage
Favorite Drink: Water
Least Favorite Food: Radishes
Background History: Just to say that Sen is a little insane is an understatement. Driven by madness at a young age do to his incredibly high IQ. Insanity is a gift given to him. He doesn't look unto it as a curse. Almost nothing will make him think twice before killing anything that stands between him and his goal.
Family: Murdered

Theme song:
Psycho - Puddle of Mudd [Casual Theme]
Fake It - Seether [Interrogation]
When Worlds Collide - Power Man 5000 [Main Battle Theme]

Extra Comments on character:
When it comes to his team, anything that would harm them is his top priority opponent. Enjoys soy bean milk and ice cream. Master of Balance.

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