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Seru Youkai

Full Name: Seru Agito Youkai
Nicknames: Ru

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Famous Shinobi Name: -Unknown-
Age: 12
Birth Date: 01-26
Gender: Male
Sex Orientation: Straight
Race: Caucasian
Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Genin

Shinobi Profession: Student

Major Shinobi Information:

Bloodline :Caedo
Current Bloodline Stage: One
Summoning Animal Type: Badger
Chakra Color: Amber
Chakra Element: Fire and Lightning (Untrained/amateur) (More elements be trained as advanced)
Weapon of choice: Twin Elbow Blades
Special Abilities:
Strength: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and speed
Weakness: Genjutsu, lacking physical strength, ego

Demon Users/Hosts Only:
In competition for the Four Tails.
Demonic Host:
Demonic Abilities:
Demonic Control:

Technique List:

Change of Body Stance Technique - Kawarimi no Jutsu
Escaping Skill - Nawanuke no Jutsu
Static String - Seiteki Suji no Jutsu E Ranked
Body Flicker - Shushin No Jutsu
Transform - Henge no Jutsu
Clone Technique - Bunshin no Jutsu
Current Transfer Skill - Nagare Isou no Jutsu D Ranked
Fire Release: Burning Rush - Katon: Nenshou Tosshin C Ranked


Rising Helix - Kishou Herikkusu - D ranked

Items/Weapon Inventory
Steel Trip Wire [35 Meter]
Kunai [11]
Shuriken [11]
Bandages [4 Packs]
Chakra Pills [2]

Personal Shinobi Information

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 115 Lbs
Personality: Seru is laid back, yet his trust with people is minimal. He has the tendency however to flirt with most girls, and has been known to flirt in the midst of sparring [No actual combat... yet]. But, when he trusts someone he is fun loving and almost care free. No one could truly judge him without knowing him.
Personal Skill:(refer to Youkai Clan)
Favorite Food: Stir Fried Noodles and Pudding
Favorite Drink: Anything sweet
Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes
Background History: Seru was born one into the Youkai as one of the several that appeared every now and then to have the Hatan'gan. His goal in life is to become more powerful than the three fabled Sannin of Konohagakure 100 years ago. In life he was never good at actual strength, so uses his speed and quick thinking to his advantage, training it to it's peak.
Family: (Refer to Youkai Clan)

Theme song:

Main Theme

Combat Entry

Main Combat

Beyond the Limit [Intense-All Out-Combat]

Exhaustion - Combat Finale

Extra Comments on character:
Wear's his headband over one of his eyes to be 'fair', because of his ego and his speed to match that ego.

The Hunter's Eye:
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