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The ramblings and thoughts of Bella Cullen... Just me ^^

Resuai Catalyst
Community Member
ResuAi Catatlyst
Age: 18
Race: Half neko demon, half wolf demon
Eyes: Honey gold with a hint of red around the edge of the iris.
Hair: Midnight blue with pastel blue streaks randomly.
Animal attributes: Blue-tipped white neko ears and a fluffy blue tipped wolf tail.
Clothes: tight black shirt/tanktop that says "look what the bats dragged in" in red ink, black and red chain pants, multi-colored jellie bracelets on wrists, platform flipflops, black finger-less gloves with blue stars on them, a black choker with a medium size bell and a small silver hoop on her right ear.
Body: Thin, about 5'5, 120 lbs. Large chest and long slender legs.

hair: light blue (sky blue maybe?) with darker blue streaks randomly through-out hair, around waist-length (hairstyle like picture)
eyes: her eyes are a BRIGHT golden/amber color, with emo-ish thick eyeliner and dark violet eyeshadow(its her signature look)
Animal attributes: White ears and tail, the ears have dark blue tufts on them (like a lynx) and the tail has a dark blue tip (like it was dipped in paint)
Outfit: A form fitting black t-shirt that says "look what the bats dragged in" in either white or red lettering(whatever you think looks best) slightly tight chain pants (as in not baggy, not skin tight sweatdrop ), and studded platform flip-flops ( shoes )
accessories: A black ribbon choker with a medium sized gold bell dangling off of it, neon blue, bright purple and black jellies on her wrists (random amount), black fingerless gloves with blue stars on them, and her right ear pierced with 2 small silver hoops on the outside.
Likes: ResuAi is a very bubbly and chaotic creature of passion. she loves romance, mysteries, animals and video games. she LOVES all mythological creatures (especially Vamps and Werewolves). She loves being in the wild but gets lost very easily.
Dislikes: She dislikes posers and snobby people. and spiders. and jellyfish.
Day to day attitude: She is very moody...she has her days where she's very dark and depressed but she tries not to show it much, she's a very loving person who just wants to be liked for being herself.

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