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The ramblings and thoughts of Bella Cullen... Just me ^^

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BASIC layout

Name: Xing “Star” Jiang

Alias: Caracal

Age: 21

Hair: Black, in a spiked, grown-out pixie cut with longer front piece dyed sandy blond

Eyes: Golden brown, slanted

Body: Small and agile; 5’3”, 120lb, athletic legs

Distinct Features: Enhanced agility, night-vision, super-sensitive hearing, camouflage

Occupation: Singer at Iceberg Lounge

General Personality: Observant, people-watcher, ‘huntress’ type

Typical Outfits: Sexy, clingy dresses, either short or inspired by famous burlesque acts [at the club]; raver-style clothes, corsets, slashed jeans, goggles on head [as civilian]; faded, ripped white/gray bloody tunic, black/silver reflective night goggles, white elbow-length bloody fingerless fishnet gloves [as Caracal].


*Avenging fallen sister Lynx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynx_(comics)

*Presents herself as her sister’s ghost [?]

*Under the impression Robin killed her

DETAILED LAYOUT((not complete o.o))


FULL NAME: Xing Jiang
MEANING: star people of the river
MEANING: It's the english translation of her name.

RESIDENCE: A small, nicely cleaned apartment not far from The Iceburg Lounge In Gotham City
GENDER: Female
SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Straight but she jokes around with her friends a bit
WAY OF SPEAKING: Soft spoken, but can be very demanding when she wants to be. Egyptian/French accent
OCCUPATION: Trained Assassin for the Ghost Dragons Clan, mostly does Intel and spying due to her enhanced vision/hearing and amazing observitory skills.


HAIR COLOR: Black/blue with a bang of sandy blond
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Longish pixie cut with 1 chunk of chin-length sandy blond bang
EYES COLOR: golden brown, slanted
EYESIGHT: better than 20/20, enhanced night vision
WEIGHT: 120 lbs.
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Sexy, clingy dresses, either short or inspired by famous burlesque acts [at the club]; raver-style clothes, corsets, slashed jeans, goggles on head [as civilian]; faded, ripped white/gray bloody tunic, black/silver reflective night goggles, white elbow-length bloody fingerless fishnet gloves [as Caracal].
ABNORMALITIES (TAIL): No physical attributes, but she does have enhanced agility, night-vision, hyper-enhanced hearing and the ability to camaflouge herself in any surrounding
DISTINGUISHING MARKS (SCARS, MOLES): A lynx paw tattoo on her right shoulder (curving over from her back like it was resting on her shoulder)
SELF-CARE (MAKE-UP): While at the club she has sexy makeup matching her "mood" for the night or her outfit. While out being herself, she has thick eyeliner, neon blue/green/pink/purple (depending on what she's wearing) eyeshadow, dark crimson lipstick.
FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Quiet, slightly shy but has a secret strength in how she holds herself and her mannerisms.
SKIN COLOR: very light tan
BODY TYPE/BUILD: athletic, long legs and arms, C-cup breast, thin waist, long, thin fingers.
DEFAULT EXPRESSION: Shy, blushing a bit. looks a bit meek.
POSTURE: Super sexy while in the lounge but when out and about as a civilian she tends to slouch a bit so as to not draw as much attention to hersef.
PIERCINGS:3 small silver hoops in her left and right ears.
DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Slightly high but quiet. Really sultry saprano when singing.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: small katana that she keeps in the sash of her costume, some kunai and shuriken. Ocassionally she picks up other random weapons.


MOM: Unknown
SIBLINGS: Lynx (elder sister/parent)
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: Great for siblings, Star really looked up to her.
OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: The Dragon Shadow Clan is the closest thing to a family Star has ever known other than her sister.
PAST LOVER(S): Due to her role in the clan as an Intel gatherer, she was unable to have any type of love-life and Star is the type of girl who won't go through if there isn't any type of emotion involved. Now that the clan has released her from her duties so that she can avenge her sister's death, she is hoping to find love.
CURRENT LOVER: Working on seducing Robin/Tim
REACTION TO MEETING SOMEONE NEW: Super shy normally but while in the lounge she tries to hide any reaction to new people- its safer that way.
ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: Star prefers to work alone because she has a really hard time trusting others, but if the need arises, she IS able to work in small groups.
HOW SOCIABLE (LONER, ETC): She's not a loner, but she doesnt have a whole lot of friends. She will talk to anyone if they approach her, but she tends to stick to herself or her very few friends.
FRIENDS: a few of the girls in the clan and she's hoping to make friends with some people in Gotham, is getting to know the bartender May at the lounge.
PETS: Due to her past accomidations, she has been unable to ever have a pet but she is thinking about getting one soon.
LEAST FAVORITE TYPE OF PERSON: People who do stuff without thinking about it thuroughly, Those who wait for other to do stuff they could do on their own (snobby assholes who can't put their own socks on), people who pretend to be who they really arn't (sadistic bastards who pretend to be sweet and caring)
PARENTAL TYPE (PROTECTIVE, ETC): Overly protective- Feline instincts and all. She's like a mamma bear and a tigress in one, you mess with her baby you get ripped to shreads.
AFFINITY WITH…: Villains, naturally. Arkham has a spot saved for her.
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Those who do stuff for themselves and stick up for what they believe in. Those who relate to her (hehe, Tim, YAY ORPHANS!).
LEAST FAVORITE PEOPLE: Snobby assholes who use their money as an excuse for their attitudes.


…WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Shy, quiet, observent, a good listener.
…AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY LIKE YOU): Bubbly at times, cheerful but subdued at the same time. A bit carefree and a big hopeless romantic.

…AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Sinister, vengeful. A b***h, to put it bluntly.
POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: She will give everyone at least 1 chance, doesn't judge people by how they look (she likes talking to Twoface o.0). She can be very kind and sweet when she wants to be.
NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: REALLY bad temper at times. If she hates someone she is rather sarcastic and bitchy to them.
FAVORITE COLOR: Neon blue or Neon Purple, she can't really chose between them.
FAVORITE FOOD: Teriyaki beef jerky, she could live off of it if she was ever aloud.
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Clouded Leapords, she thinks they are beautiful and magestic.
HOBBIES: Going to raves, dancing, hanging out with people and shopping. She also LOVES making clothes and she makes most of her costumes for the Lounge.
USUAL MOOD: Quiet, oberservant, slightly shy.
DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: Normally she doesnt not partake in any type of drugs/smoking/alcohol but since she started working at the Lounge she has begun to drink a bit (THANKS to May)
DARK VERSION OF SELF: If Star was to turn completly dark, the world would do best to turn and run, QUICKLY. Star would be the epitome of a vindictive b***h. She would be so spiteful to everyone and would have a VERY short temper.
LIGHT VERSION OF SELF: A "light" Star would be bubbly. cheerful, sweet and SUPER caring, if a bit shy. She would be a normal teenage girl, if a bit naive and shy. Star would be one to be afraid of any type of fighting, be it verbal or physical.
HOW SERIOUS ARE THEY: Star is very serious when she's on a mission or while she's "hunting" but while at work or out as a normal girl, she's not very serious. She tends to be more of a space-case at times, but cutely so.
CLASS IN AN RPG: "Class? I'm not in highschool anymore!!"
BELIEVE IN GHOSTS: Star believes fully in ghosts. She knows that her sister's spirit is guiding her in her mission, never letting her get down or hurt.
(IN)DEPENDENT: Star is used to being ordered around by the main leaders of the clan, but now that she has been released from her duties, she has become very independent and wants to stay that way.
SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Star soft spot would have to be her feelings. She tends to get attached to people easily and it can sometimes hurt her.
OPINION ON SWEARING: She doesn't care really, she actually tends to swear occasionally herself.
DAREDEVIL VS CAUTIOUS: Star is very cautious when it comes to hunting and she likes to plan every little detail out before she acts on anything.
MUSIC TYPE: Techno/trance. She's a hardcore raver.
MOVIE TYPE: Romance/Fantasy. she's all for the hopeless romantic type of movies biggrin
BOOK TYPE: Fantasy/Paranormal. She will attempt to read ANY book if it has werewolves/vampires in it.
GAME TYPE: RPGs, she loves fighting and all, but if it doesn't have a plot, she won't play it.
SLEEPING PATTERN: She's a night owl, naturally. She sleeps for about 4-5 hours once she gets home after work and is fine for the rest of the day. Ahh, life is good when you're young xD
CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: She TRIES to keep her apartment clean, but not spotless. She makes sure everything is sanitary, and makes sure she keeps up on her laundry.
DESIRED PET: Hmm, She really wants to get a pet now that she can, but she's a bit torn between a few pets. She would like to have a bird, maybe a falcon or something medium to large. She would also like to have some type of dog, but she's not quite sure what type.
HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: Making dresses and cool raver outfits, reading, sleeping, going to raves and "hunting".
BIGGEST SECRET: It's a secret for a reason razz
FEARS: abandonment, being alone forever. Never having a family again.
COMFORTS: A warm blanket, mug of hot chocolate and a good movie. She loves to cuddle up and just relax when she can.
DRUNK TYPE: Very...flirtatious. She lets go of her more reserved side once she gets drunk and acts her age.
SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: Enhanced agility, night vision, hyper-sensitive hearing, and the ability to camaflouge herself anywhere.
HOW DID THEY GET SAID MAGICS: Years and years of training/meditation and a freak accident involving genetic tampering when she was still in the womb, which ended up killing her mother after she gave birth.
DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: Many things, but no one can pin it on her, she's that good biggrin
WHICH "7 DEADLY SINS" ARE THEY MOST LIKE: Envy, Wrath, Lust (sorta xD)
WHICH "7 VIRTUES" DO THEY HAVE: Kindness, Diligence, Patience (when she's hunting, at least)

ROMANCE MOVIE: The hopeless romantic bestfriend who helps the main female find her true love.
ACTION MOVIE: The super sneaky assassin, hiding in the shadows to make the killing strike.
CARTOON: The cutsy, almost chibi-like girl who everyone babies a bit till she proves to them she's not all sweet innocence.
HORROR MOVIE: The one to organize everyone who is running for their lives to go against whatever is hunting/attacking them.
PORNO: The super shy girl who accidentily walks in on the hot and heavy scene o.o

SAD: SUPER quiet, not really looking at anything or gazing off into the distance with a glazed over look in her eyes. She tries not to cry in public but if something truely tragic happened she would.
HAPPY: bubbly, a bit bouncy and hyper. Very childish at times, even.
ANGRY: Bitchy, overly sarcastic and grouchy.
AFRAID: Wide-eyed looks, exessive stammering, slightly shaking and jumpy.
LOVE SOMEONE: Day-dreamy looks, shy around the person but sorta clingy at the same time.
HATE SOMEONE: Extremely bitchy and rude, tends to make fun of those she hates indirectly to their face.
WANT SOMETHING: depending on what it is, constantly staring at it or thinking of it and spacing out in the middle of doing stuff that doesn't require much concentration.
CONFUSED: she..well..acts confused. lol

DANGER: Senses automatically highten and her body tenses. Her hands would go to where her weapons are or where they would be if she had them.
SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: She would probably completly avoid them at all cost because she would have no idea what to do about it.
PROPOSAL TO MARRY: Most likey hypervenilate for a few minutes, cry, start stammering and nodding furiously ((if its what she wants, that is.))
DEATH OF LOVED ONE: She's already been through that once and she's basically determined to not have it happen again. (too bad, it does[gah, im such a mean person ><])
DIFFICULT GAME/MATH/ETC: she'd begin to panic a bit and start rushing, then notice she's rushing and that she made a bunch of mistakes and get stressed out and probably throw/break/rip up whatever it was in frustration.
INJURY: She likes to fake that it doesnt hurt till she's alone to lick her wounds and cry.
SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE: She squeels and hops and acts generally girly.

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