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The ramblings and thoughts of Bella Cullen... Just me ^^

Resuai Catalyst
Community Member
Name: ResuAi Catalyst Wolfwood

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Tibetan Wolf


Fur: Varies from pale, nearly white grey to dark grey with pink highlights on underside of tail.

Eyes: Right eye is molten gold, nearly caramel in color while left eye is a bright, shocking light "ice" blue.

Ears: Perky, a bit large for her head. Pale pink inner ear.

Paws: Thin and feminine, small-ish footpaws and slender "fingers". Pastel pink footpads.

Build: Slender, "sleek". Large breasts and average waist size. Small hips.

Tail: Long and very fluffy, tipped in pink to match her hair. Underside of tail is white with faint pink highlights.

Destinctive markings: White blotch on the outside edge of her right ear. Slightly lighter grey fur over her right wrist extending from mid-arm to hand. Lighter grey upper left arm from shoulder to elbow. Black "fingernails" and pink "toenails".

Hair: Midnight black with neon pink tips, Roughly waist length and slightly wavey.

Makeup: Pastel purple eyeshadow and plenty of thick, black eyeliner.

Clothing: Purple corset with black lacing and decoration[ http://www.gothic-revival.co.uk/pur.....ce%20small.jpg ], Short black gothic skirt with purple ribbons [ http://www.the-gothic-shop.co.uk/im.....bbon-skirt.jpg ], and a long black formfitting leather trenchcoat [ http://www.the-gothic-shop.co.uk/im.....othic-coat.jpg ]. Wears black strapless bra and bikini-style panies underneath (unless her mate asks otherwise).

Accessories: Black leather buckled collar, black leather wrist band on left wrist, and black leather ankle bands on both ankles.

Piercings: 2 small silver hoops in her left ear and her bellybutton pierced from the top.

ResuAi is a sleek, thin, slighly shy grey wolf who is blind in her left eye. She can be bubbly and hyper but if in a room with unknown people she tends to shy away and hide behind her mate. When it comes to Vincent, her mate, Resu is anything but shy. She often tends to take control in the relationship and loves tying him up, she always seems to have handcuffs and a chain leash ready to tame her favorite pet when he misbehaves. ResuAi is very curious sometimes when she shouldn't be and usually ends up getting in trouble due to it. She likes to explore (and get lost in the process), she's perticularly drawn to the woods. Her many moodswings can be tiring to those who don't know how to handle them, but she usually means no harm with them. ResuAi is VERY territorial and possesive about her mate and doesn't like others touching him without her permission. Resu can be very sweet when it comes to babies of any kind to animals; she has a deep love for all things wild and will try to help any animal in need (regardless of if it wants the help or not). She tends to overthink stuff sometimes and overplans a lot, trying to keep herself in order. She may act stuborn sometimes but she can never stay mad at anyone for very long (which her mate exploits often).

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