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The ramblings and thoughts of Bella Cullen... Just me ^^

Resuai Catalyst
Community Member
bf's and mine-characters
Name:ResuAi Catalyst

Age: 18

Race: Half wolf, half Neko

Skintone: Very pale

Eyes: Bright gold with Crimson around the center of the iris

Hair: Mid-back length, dark (Navy) Blue with Neon blue streaks, fringe bangs.

Build: Thin, long legs, large chest, 5'5, 120 lbs.

Outfit: Black tank top with red writing, Semi-tight chain pants, platform flipflops, black fingerless gloves with neon blue stars,black belt with silver and red studs.

Accessories: black ribbon choker with a medium sized silver bell, 2 silver hoops through right ear, multicolor neon jellie bracelets on each arm.

Markings: White Neko Ears with blue lynx tips and a fluffy white wolf tail with blue tip.

Likes: Nature, love, darkness, demonic, romance, animals, candy, fantasy creatures and blood, my beyond gorgeous bf Ariel Spaztek, NO ONE can touch him.

Dislikes: Hyper-happy people, the color yellow, preppy cheerleaders, math, whores, bugs.

Fears: Jellyfish, spiders, cheaters, being alone.

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Name: Ariel Spaztek

Age: 19

Race: unknown

Skintone: changes from light to dark depending on the situation

Eyes: reptile, including the split pupil, rich bright green with very few streaks of yellow.

Hair: short about 1 1/2" long, brown/black

Build: lean, very atheletic, 5'11" 180 very toned can lift 250 lbs off of his chest.

Outfit: casual clothes (tight t-shirt to show off abs and cargo shorts), sometimes a button down long sleeve dress shirt, 2 buttons open at the top, black combat boots.

Accessories: necklace given by the "others" giving him immortal life. Shades, tattoo on the neck (Gemini symbol), 2 neon glowing braclets green and blue glows until his heart stops beating.

Markings: scars on the neck(4 inch diagonal opposite side of tattoo), chest(like a stab mark), and arms.

Likes: the outdoors, intrested in the behaviors of vampires, to travel the world, food, people of all sorts, my wonderful gf ResuAi Catalyst, ITG, researching psycology.

Dislikes: rude people, cheaters, whores, mayo...fat.

Fears: forever living in complete darkness

others: fangs, inferred, night vision, has psy-powers, can fly, and is a master of Capoeira Hapkido Shotokan Kendo Jiu-Jitsu Judo Kung-Fu Muay Taekwondo kickboxing ninjitsu Kalaripayit and Bartitsu

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