Is Valentines day the day of love? or is it the day of hate?
Some people would say its the day to love to be with the one you find the most special to tell them you love them,
Others would disagree and say its the day to hate the one you once loved the one who broke your heart,
And then others say that its just a day nothing special at all just another day to come and then go,
I'm still not shire which I am, we've never bin big on Valentines day but I have people I love, people who love me back I have my family and I have my friends do I need anyone more?
Do You need anyone more?
There are some people who hate Valentines day with all there heart just because they don't have anyone to spend the day with them,
(or do they?)
Other people look at the day as a day you spend with anyone who you love, your family your friends or maybe someone ells just anyone who you love and who you love spending time with and who loves you and loves spending time with you.
Is Valentines day the day of love? or the day of hate?
I don't know I can't answer this question,
And really I don't think anyone really honestly can ether but I don't know maybe someone can, and maybe that's just one of the eternal questions that no one can ever answer,
But I don't know.
Ether way to those who look forward to it
Happy Valentines day!
And to those who don't
Happy February 14!
Rather you hate the the day or love the day I hope its a good day for everyone!
Disneyqueen14 biggrin