now, i dnt really like the guy anymore..he's retarded xD

anyway, my school's basketball team's season is over, and now i have a volleyball thingy coming up next wed! emo emo my free time is going away...until summer! *thumbs up* cool well, hopefully. also, we won our last game, which was in the tounrament, February 28,2009 eek 4laugh rofl mrgreen mrgreen pretty cool huh? i dun wanna do volleyball...i dnt like it as much as basketball. to me tho, basketball is simplier...thats becoz i know what to do and the things in basketball. tho in volley ball, there isnt much running and less contact. and maybe slightly easier to score points. confused i dunno. +, my math i think is getting a bit earsier...or harder...i dunno that either. I ALSO HAVE A MYSPACE:
if u have one, i can add you if you like, but i need to get to know you before that wink alright?