Ok my real myspace URL is:
lol, nice huh? anywaaaay, i got new eyeliner, earrings, and lip gloss moisturizer yesterday! all from...CLINIQUE (except the earrings ^^) i bet this Spring Break is gonna b boring too D: it started after school on friday, and last year, i went to hawaii, and i got a haircut, i want a trim again this year. emo I almost got shot by an air-soft gun today O_O by my friend too, well i dnt blame him, i hid his mask thing [i "stole" it c'mon, i was bored, i bet he hates me now too gonk ] i was running away and he fired, and it missed about like 7 inches away from me! >.< DAMN HIM!!! evil jk jk sweatdrop
im also currently in love wit a 6th grader that i know that got held back, i remember him as the annoying one, but now, he's a lot more different rolleyes i like it, he makes me laugh a lot more, and he looks a little the same as he did before, its like he didnt grow [taller] at all, his personality changed. DRAMATICALLY 3nodding eek