YAY!! I'm so exited!
Today we won tickets to go see a special showing of Star Trac on its premier weekend!! YAY!! I'm very happy about it, I know the story of Star Trac pretty well my family has watched Star Trac sins I was little so I also like it and I'm so exited to go see the new movie and not only are we just going to see the movie we're going to see it on premier weekend! We'll be seeing it on May 9th we hardly ever go see movies right win they premier so I'm very exited, you can tell I know cuz I keep saying I'm exited. Anyway that's the biggest thing to happen today it's even bigger then that I woke up to see snow on the ground (its all gone now thank gosh!!) so today's ranking is an Exiting day! Kay ppl tell next time Keep rocking to your own beat ♪