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Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
Final Fantasy 7
Roleplay: Soul is stolen ( how Klio lost his soul )
Having your soul stolen is not what you'd expect.

I was running down a cave, being chased by a huge three headed dog and skeletons when I ran into a dead end.I slid to a stop and pulled out my katana. They surrounded me, jabbing at me with their spears. One slashed open my arm and another my leg. then a spirit floated in between them. It had no eyes. Not even a skull. Just shadows. Yet it picked me up and suddenly I got cold. I lost function. My katana slid out of my hand, and one of the dead took it. Then my vision went black, my mind as if I had none.
I regained brain function sometime later. Was I dead? No... How though? I was so confused. Something held up my head, though it lolled to the side as if I were knocked out. My eyes were open and I could vaguely see and hear. I saw a huge man in unrecognizable armor with a huge sword. Then I realized I could see only out of one eye. Black hair had fallen in the way of the right eye. Slowly, I gained my senses back and I could move. But something wasn't right. I was different. I reached up and touched my head. I had small horns. I tried to scream, but I was gagged with a rag. I saw a puddle of water and shuffled as close as I could and looked into it. What I saw was not me.
My skin had grayed slightly, my canines had grown into fangs. I had horns on my forehead with jet black hair covering my right eye, as I thought. Blood was seeping out of a cut above my eyebrow. My eyes glowed white, with no color. My clothes were torn. I had wings sprouting from my back. writing glowed gold on my right arm, though I couldn't read it. The wound on my arm seeped not blood, but black smokelike gas. As I also noticed the cut on my forehead had started to do the same. As had the cut on my leg. I looked around. A door slammed open and a girl walked in, she was only seven.
" Daddy, what do you plan on doing with this Human." She said human as if she hated them.
" He might stay. I need a son. Besides, as you can see, he is not all too human anymore." He pointed his sword at me. " Get him on his feet." He said, and two of the skeletal guards picked me up to my feet. " Are you good at fighting?"
I nodded.
" Good, lets find out how good you Really are."
As he finished. two black scimitars with blood red writing formed in my hands, along with a spiked chain on my left arm. All of the guards ran at me. I jumped up and cut one in half on the drop. I threw one scimitar at the second guard and jumped into the air. my new wings flared and I hovered above ground. I spun the chain almost unravelling it completely from my arm, except I couldn't. the end was stabbing into my arm. I spun it and wrapped it around the third guards leg and stabbed him in the face, pulling on the chain right afterwards. his leg popped off and my sword slid off. Then two larger fiendish things walked in and attacked. I threw the spiked end of the chain into the firsts neck and pulled it to it's knees. I jumped up and stabbed it in the side of the head, then used the shoulders to spinflip high over the second. I slid down it's back, dragging my sword along and it roared in pain. I ripped the chain out of the first ones neck, which was already dead, and wrapped it around the seconds throat. I jumped on his shoulders and started choking him. I pulled until his head ripped off. then I jumped down, waiting what happened next.

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