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Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
Final Fantasy 7
Chapter 2/3: Friends...
Hades and his daughter were amazed that I had ripped off Jakes head. " Sorry sir. He attacked me, I defended and he lost. You don't have to adopt me." I said, in my low demon voice.
" Oh, by all means I will. You're the best fighter I've seen since Achilles. But in one month you will return and learn our ways. Then you will be tested one last time. But for no, go." He said, and he left the room.
I went out the other doors, leaving this place. I wandered, following instructions from guards until I saw the mouth of the cave. I covered my eyes, I hadn't been in direct light from the sun in a while. I walked out and my shoulder started burning. I realized I was still in demon form. I tried to keep the screaming to a minimum as I changed back. I made sure I had my katana, then walked to the nearest town.
I went to the market to get something to eat, making sure I still had enough money to buy at least an apple or something. I did. I went to the aisle and a girl was trying to choose some fruit. I waited patiently with my eyes closed. She dropped one and I caught it with my right hand, threw it up behind my back and caught it with my left hand, handing it to her while I still had my eyes closed.
" Uhh... Okay.. Odd person." She mumbled.
" I heard that." I said, opening my eyes.
" Well.. Uh thanks for catching that , then."
I nodded, grabbed a piece of fruit, laid the amount on the counter and whispered to myself, " I guess I'll just go find a quiet alley for the night.." and started walking away. Obviously she heard me and said, " Wait, you don't have anywhere to stay or anything?"
"You could stay with me for the night, then you can go. Free food."
I just grunted and followed her to her house. Before she opened the door, she turned, with one arm across her stomach and her other resting its elbow on the firsts hand with one finger up in the air as if she had an idea.
" If your going to stay with me, whether just for a night or a whole week, I need to call you something. I'm Tifa, what's your name?"
"... Klio...." I answered. She lowered her hand to shake, but I just lowered my head. My hands were filthy, covered in blood, sweat, and dirt. I probably reeked.
" Is there somewhere I can wash?" I asked, but she just pointed at I door. I mumbled a thanks then went into the door. I took a quick shower, then got in my old clothes and realized how torn they were. I looked in the mirror. The face wasn't mine though. It was Hades'. My dads. " I know you need money. Here." then he vanished. a quick scent of death filled the room for a half a second, then the sink filled with gold coins, just bigger than the drain.I scooped a few handfuls up and put them in my pocket. I poked my head out and asked the girl. " How much are these worth?" I asked, holding up one.
Her eyes got wide and she said, "A-A....A lot..." then she looked away. I went back in the bathroom, filled my pockets, and left, saying to her. " I think there's something wrong with the sink." I winked and then went to the clothing store and bought a new jacket, complete with a undershirt, pants, boots, and a belt. I changed into the clothes and then threw the old ones away. Then I walked back to Tifa's and went to the room she had given me. Then I fell onto the bed and straight to sleep.

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