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Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
Final Fantasy 7
Chapter 2: A new chance at life and Family
I was lead through a palace that even though was run, guarded, and otherwise attended by the dead, it could be a pretty nice place, if not in a hole of the damned. He lead me to a huge room with everything I owned, just as the man promised. I sat on the bed and stared at a mirror, looking at what I'd become. Then my shoulder started burning as if it were on fire. I tore off the shredded shirt and my shoulder was glowing with the same words that were on the swords. The pain wouldnt stop. It just got worse. The chain on my arm tore itself out of my elbow and fell to the ground. The swords in the sheaths disappeared. the horns shrunk back down, and my wings forced themselves into my back. I started screaming out in pain, begging the pain to go away. I fell to my knees on the ground as my skin and eyes gained color. the cuts I had started bleeding as normal. I fell on all fours, panting deeply, and passed out.
I awoke to a banging on the door. A guard, who oddly was not dead, walked in. " Are you okay?" He asked.
I nodded slowly, grimacing in pain, and asked, " Is there anywhere I could get some fresh, or at least fresher, clothes?"
" Yeah, first door right there, I'll wait. By the way, I'm Jake."
" Klio." I groaned, stumbling into the room. There was a table with a black tanktop, a coat with one arm missing, some black leather pants, a belt, and some boots and socks on it. Before I changed, I walked to the bathroom and bandaged the holes in my back where my wings had been, which were still bleeding, along with the side of my head which was bleeding from when I passed out. I walked out and then left the room with Jake.
" Are you that man's son?" I asked.
" Who's?" He replied
" The really tall guy. I don't know his name."
" Oh, yeah, his name is Hades."
" Ah."
After that we were quiet until we made it to the dinner table. There was every type of food imaginable served here. I guess he could have a huge kitchen with all the dead chefs. I sat down between Hades and the girl. I looked at the menu and realized how hungry I was. I ordered a full turkey and some turkey stuffing. It came almost immediately after I ordered, but I waited on everyone else. Then Hades said, " Bon Appetite." and I ripped off a turkey leg and started eating, shoving my face in the leg and ripping away the flesh with my mouth. It was the best bird I'd ever tasted. I kept ripping and tearing away at the leg until it was gone. I spun my plate around and kept eating. I didn't realize that everyone there was staring at me. I put the leg down slowly, grabbed my napkin and wiped my hands and face.
" Sorry... I haven't eaten in days..." I mumbled, looking down and slightly ashamed of myself. The Russian wouldn't accept behavior like that. The rest of dinner I ate somewhat civilized.

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