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Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
Final Fantasy 7
Chapter 1: Soul is Stolen, continued
" Bravo, Bravo." the man said. " But you have one more test. Three monsters from Greek history. At the same time."
I nodded, grunting while I pulled out my second scimitar from the skeleton. I sheathed the left handed blade in its case at my side and raveled up the chain. Then the man clapped twice and three monsters walked into the room, standing in front of him. Ugly number one was a minotaur. Should be easy, I thought. Ugly number two was a Colchis bull, a hog the size of an elephant and made of metal. The third was the giant dog that had chased me in the cave. A second later they charged.
The bull was the first to get to me. I easily rolled under it and jumped onto the head of the minotaur. I yanked on his head and he turned that way. He slammed into a wall and I jumped off. He was stuck, so I could focus on the others. the dog ran at me, looked at me, and shot flames from his mouth. I did a back flip, landing on my hands then flipped onto my feet. I unravelled the chain again and threw it into the massive dogs side. I flipped onto the back of the dog and pulled out the chain. I cut off the left head with my sword, and wrapped my chain around the middle head like a leash. I stabbed my sword into the right head and aimed Cerberus at the Colchis bull. I pulled hard, trying to rip off the head, but its spine was in the middle head and it was obviously too thick. but the bull and Cerberus slammed into each other. The tusk of the bull stabbed through the jaw, and up through the head of Cerberus and I just managed to flip off without getting injured. I landed on the back of the bull and tugged hard, ripping off the chain. I raveled it up and jumped down. the bull wasn't strong enough to pull its body and the dead corpse of Cerberus, so it could wait.
I walked up to the minotaur and unsheathed my left scimitar. Then I put the poor shmuck out of his misery. I ran back to the colchis bull and ripped my other scimitar out. I stabbed both blades in both eyes, then stabbed the blade on the tip of the chain into the center. I unravelled the chain, hopefully for the last time today, and wrapped it around the neck. I pulled and the chain cut through the bulls neck like butter. I re-raveled the chain and pulled out my scimitars, sheathing them. I walked to the man and grunted.
" You will do for my son. There's a room upstairs with everything you need. A guard will come get you for dinner." He said, then him and his daughter left, leaving me with two swords, a ton of confusion, and a guard to take me to my room

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